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Hello ladies and gentleman!

I currently have a level 50 mechro and I’ve been playing around with quite a few different builds. (I’m aware the cap isn’t 50 however I’m about to start UVHM and want the best build possible so I’m not breaking too many controllers!)

I initially started with a build that relied far too much on DT and I also found it pretty boring sniping whilst he was out having all the fun!

So I’ve now been playing around with the anarchy build and have to say it’s so much more fun and I think generally a lot better. Playing solo I’ve levelled up so much quicker as I can get through enemies at a much faster rate. Also I’ve noticed my down time due to death etc is a lot less.

Now my question(s) to all you fine folks are what skills should I be taking. I’m aware of a few that are essential but I keep looking at other variations of an anarchy build and can’t decide which is best.

Currently my skill tree looks like this…

However there are a few skills I’m not too sure about which I’ve listed below with my reason…

Cooking Up Trouble - Is this really worth it? Considering you’re only really going to have a full clip when you’re not actually doing anything, i.e. in Sanctuary… surely when you’re out in combat you’re constantly emptying your clip to build stacks / kill.

Potent As A Pony - I’m 50/50 on this skill at the minute. I can see how the extra health for you and DT are good but if I’ve got Blood Soaked Shield then surely this will make the extra health a little overkill considering I’m relying on having my shield up most the time due to kills etc.

Typecast Iconocast - Don’t get me wrong, extra stacks are always good but do I need to max it to 5/5… or do I need it at all? If I’m using a weapon with a short mag and fast reload then I’m going to be building stacks quick anyway?

I’m aware I need either Cooking up Trouble or Potent As A Pony to have Explosive clap but which would you say is better to have?

I’m considering this trying this build as the Electrical Storm skills sound useful as well as the increased chances of applying slag etc.

Sorry for rambling on but hopefully some of you will read through this and have some good tips / ideas for me!


P.S. if anyone would like to add me on PSN then please feel free, as they say, the more the merrier!. PSN: JonGoober

I recommend avoiding Shock Storm and Shock and AAAGGGGHHH. Consulting Resources of the Mecromancer Variety is probably a good idea. In particular, [DDD] Gaige’s skills for you! should help you get a better understanding of which skills work well / don’t work well and why.

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It’s a fine skill to have. Nothing wrong with it.

Extra health in this game, apart from specific builds, is actually bad. The amount of damage enemies dish out can be more than you can regenerate. Less health = Faster to max health in this game. Swap it for Fancy Maths or Unstoppable Force.

It’s a good skill no matter what. If you want to reach those 400 stacks quickly, this is very good.

Cooking up Trouble.

Shock Storm is one of the worst skills in the game. Rank 1 of SS is x10 weaker than Rank 1 of Death from Above… And DFA is glitched as all f*ck. And if you’re going into UVHM, Shock and Agh is kind of weak. I would go Myelin, Strength of 5 Gorillas, then start down either Electrical Burn or More Pep if you want to go down the Shock tree.

Hi there!

The most important thing for you starting UVHM is your gear, but:

Try this build out.

Run constant 150 stacks of Anarchy, Sharing is Caring for DT to pull aggro, and with single points in a few sills, it allows you to play around with Anarchist, Sweetheart, Punk, and Jill of All Trades coms to see which fits your play-style.

But again, gear.

This build may be easier to start with in UVHM for better survivability. Once you pick up some higher level Moxxi weapons for healing, start speccing further into ordered chaos.

With regards to gear am I best off farming until I’ve got a good setup? All I have at the minute is The Bee which I’ve heard is one of the best Shields to use. Would anyone recommend any vital gears and where to farm them? Thanks.

It’s awful for mobbing. You become a glass cannon and have almost no survivability. Worst of all is that Gaige has a natural up-close-and-personal playstyle, and the Bee loses its amp damage the moment you take damage, making it useless until recharged. Coupled with the fact that you want a 400 Anarchy build means that you need to be pointblank to hit anyone, and the Bee will go down by the time you reach the enemy. I would recommend Turtle shields or Adaptive shields. Turtle shields can take a lot more abuse than normal shields, while Adaptives gain a lot of resistance to the element it was last hit with.

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Ah right. How about Shields that give off a blast once depleted? I’ve got a pretty good one that dropped from The Warrior…

I’ve never tried them on UVHM. I tend to stick with shields that give a protective effect, not an offensive effect.

The Hide of Terramorphous and the Love Thumper are both good shields for Gaige, especially if you have Sharing is Caring and spec into more melee dmg for Deathtrap. IIRC, both shields can come with an elemental resistance.

Love Thumper

Hide of Terramorphous

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