Gaige build for a noob xD

Yeah. I’m getting killed with G quite often. Yes, I don’t know how to use her properly. No, the world won’t end because I’m not playing Krieg xD



That’s because you have all her bad skills in one build. If you tell me what you want out of Gaige, I can make a build for you.

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I want to get down less often xD
Make G shine.

I mean like do you want to focus on Anarchy, do you want DT to help or to be a distraction, ect.? How much anarchy do you want? stuff like that.

focus on shock damage

How much of DT’s help do you want?

Oh dear. DFA…
Remove those points nad spend them on BSS and TO.

Remove shock storm and spend them on CE.

Point in TS goes to SoA!


20% assuming I can wipe bandit camps without DT

Death from Above

Ozzy, how does this look to you?

That’s pretty similar to what I made

My only complaint here is that you should lose one point in Typecast for RA, source.

Edit: herp ignored the storm

Well More Pep does help with Interspersed Outburst slag chance, especially with the Leg Catalyst. 24% per stack with both at 10/5.

If MP actually worked like advertised I would’ve agreed.

I am by no means an expert on Gaige, but Shock Storm, Shock and AAAGGGGHHH!, One Two Boom and The Stare are generally speaking not very good skills. Wires Don’t Talk and Evil Enchantress are good skills for helping with Shock damage.

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there was a thread on the old forums, and that combo isn’t actually as bad as you think, still not amasing, but not terrible

You haven’t got a Sham or a Norfleet, you’re terrible at Gaige.

Just kidding.

I would question why you have not invested into her “Amigos Para Siempre” tree, that has some of her better survival skills.

Also, try a more universal shield than a Sham, like a Blockade or a good Turtle. Maybe even an Adaptive.

Sham and Norfleet… never thought of that combo.

I mean, I don’t know absolutely nothin’ about G to be really honest xD

You mean Black Hole or Blockade. ;p