Gaige build for a noob xD

It is with UR and RR

Is it additive or multiplicative?

I’m going to test it vizinho, obrigado!

Good one. I’m not the person to be asked about exact numbers.

De nada! Just say if you like, it is pretty similar to your last build to be honest.

Wings, your link goes to the third post. Here’s the link to the main topic:

@xmngr: you don’t need Myelin with blood soaked shields. Also, Close Enough really, really helps when you have high anarchy stacks because you can shoot at the ground and still hit your target. I’d also swap the Kitten out for a Hail. Maybe something like this?

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Don’t underestimate the shock damage reduction Myelin provides.
Nth degree provides a DPS boost in mobs.

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And can cause a pseudo-bore to certain enemies.

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Thanks! I fixed it.


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I don’t know how you did that, but, the statement is now correct.

I must be a hacker.

Flakker Hackker?

I think im going to put a nail in my deck so any time I facedesk I die.

This would solve the facedesking issue and fix other people.

Yes sir, please no hack.

Get back on topic you non-flakker user.

1/10. I tried and you’re still here.
I know I’m kind of late with my suggestion but this might work as a shock based build with a L. Catalyst. Between Evil Enchantress and Electrical Burn The Stare should work for DT and I took Close Enough over The Better Half because I favor the Fibber a lot on Gaige, with a secondary use of shotguns as favored weapons…

I thought The Stare was a crappy skill that should be avoided? :blconfused:

It is