Gaige build for UVHM COOP?

Hey All. My son and I are having a great time playing through UVHM. He uses Axton with great gear, and he pretty much destroys everything that crosses his path before I can even assist.

Anyone have any adivice on Gaige play style/skills ? We’re currently level 65.

Mostly BFF with LBT and a few OC is how I’ve played most of the game. Deathtrap dishes out great damage but it’s just nothing compared to when he throws down double nukes and guns. Everything dies.

I tried a mostly OC build but the problem is if he obliterates everything before I have a chance to rack up some Anarchy, I’m still pretty lame. It seems to me OC is a better for soloing, though lots of people on various forums rave about it.

Looking for suggestions on weapons, etc. Rustler’s Twister is one of my favorites, but lame compared to some of his guns. Also like the fibber, especially with close enough skill. Again, still lame compared to the damage he lays down.

Thanks for your time.

If you’re going to be using OC, build up some stacks using Marcus’ dummy in Sanctuary first (just shoot and reload as natural). In about 2 minutes, you should have ~200+ stacks, which will allow you to keep up with your son. :wink:

This is a really late post but if you’re going to build stacks by shooting the dummy I’d get equipment just for that purpose. I have a class mod that boosts reload speed, a Deputy’s Badge relic and a two mag Jacobs shotgun (Smaller Lighter Faster brings it down to one bullet). It’s a bit of a pain to switching back and forth but it makes a huuuuuge difference in time.

I hope I’m not too late. Anyway, it’s not just the twister that’s good, keep an eye out for jakobs and torgue shotguns. Doublebarreled jakobs is good all round, you’ll get plenty of stacks even without kills. Also find yourself an Anarchist COM and spec into typecast iconocaust, and watch the anarchy build.