Gaige Build [mine]

Best Build for me and my main this I will show you a good build for Gaige so first skills

Now this gun is good to swap too at first thus is a utility weapon types slag then kill and with close enough your guaranteed to slag no matter what you can get inspired outburst but it not recommend

Unkempt Harold
This gun is good to switch too to kill after you slag and close enough gives it a bonus and Double Penetrating prefix can give you good DPS but also good anarchy stacks and smaller lighter faster gives a faster reload

This shotgun is good cause it Jacobs pull as fast as you pull the trigger consumes 1 ammo per shot smaller lighter faster gives it a 1 mag size and crit modifier with Jacobs and it being boosted with wires don’t talk and electrical burn what else could you want from it and electrical Strom look at that projectile pattern your bound to crit

White Death/Lyidu
What is funny about this is that it weird cause it doesn’t sway with medium anarchy and barley sways with large anarchy but bullets tend to move different directions over distance but what is good is having a shock version cause of electrical Strom you can unload a clip and burn and shock a enemy while hitting a crit spot you can cause a Strom burning other people around him and boost wires don’t talk if you have a shock

**Legendary Catalyst or Slayer of Terra **
Catalyst can up electrical burn 10/5 giving you a almost 100% chance to burn when shocked or Slayer for more anarchy but I don’t ever get that high of anarchy I barley get to 300 once 400

Storm Front/Quaser
These mods are both good but it depends on how you play on which you will choose if you want you could slag enemies and throw a Strom Front to burn all of them and watch them burn up right before your eyes or if your DPUH reliance then Quaser so you can pull in slag while they are being shocked and finish them off with the DPUH

Bone of the Ancients
Now I recommend a bone as it will help your twister and other weapons plus the cool down rate is good with 20% cooler your cool down is amazing and upshot robot is good with this as well

Hide of Terra/Fable Tortoise
Well based on how you play really if your deathtrap reliant then go for Hide cause the cap skill for LBT tree is sharing is caring and when deathtrap shield deplete then there is a fire Nova and he will have roid damage but deathtrap is up close so spike damage is good and with stern stuff strener gives him less damage if not then go with Fable Tortoise as you can have fancy mathematics blood soaked shields and buck up to keep up your massive shield with just a little slower then usual but unstoppable force can negate that

But yeah that was my guide for my Gaige build I hope everyone liked it I spent a lot of time thinking of everything

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Some interesting choices there. A lot of shield skills and some different choices in the LBT tree…
Are all the shield skills meant to help maximize use of Sharing is Caring and/or Blood Soaked Shields? Would you say this build is DT focused, hybrid, or…?

Just trying to pick your brain and see how your train of thought is behind this unique build.

(And I believe you meant Best Friends Forever tree’s capstone is Sharing is Caring, not LBT :wink: )

Oops I meant sharing is caring I had LBT free in my head but it a hybrid you keep deathtrap out forever and he kills and you keep your shields up so your invincible

Ah, okay, I see now.

But wouldn’t you want Strength of 5 Gorillas to add more power to Death Trap if he’s gonna be a main source of damage?

Cause it not that much plus you can get electrical Strom and with a legendary catalyst you can get 10/5 there

Legendary Catalyst doesn’t boost Shock Storm. And with Shock Storm they have to be grouped close together and the damage for it is less than you think - even with Electrical Burn, which actually only affects the chance of bursting into flames…Evil Enchantress and Wires Don’t Talk are the damage boosters…

And 15% is a decent boost, especially when added together with Made of Sterner Stuff’s boost of 12%…