Gaige Build that less people know but is super strong BFF + Elemental build

Here’s the skill tree for it
Here’s the gear for it

  1. Bone of the Ancients
  2. Antagonist Shield
  3. any elemnt shotgun that isn’t shock
  4. shock smg
  5. any grenade that isnt slag
  6. patient prodigy class mod blue
  7. shock gentelmen’s pimpernel
  8. shock Fibber
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I’m certainly no Gaige expert, and I can’t make out if you’re trolling or not, but i guess I’ll give you the benefit of doubt. However… You’ve made some odd choices on both gear and skills.

I’m guessing the Twister is out of the question.

With no Anarchy, and no Close Enough… How are you going to hit anything, or are you just that good at aiming with it?

Since this is, in part, a BFF build, I would have expected 5/5 in 20 % Cooler. More cooldown = More Deathtrap. It would be interesting to read your thoughts on how you came up with this build.

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Shock and Aaaggghhh is better than The Stare IMO.
Why Fancy Maths over Better Half?
Explosive Clap is also a bit of a wasted point.

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Very odd choices. The prodigy mod is OK, but it’s not going to help DT at all. I’d rather go with a Legendary Cat mod so I could do more shock damage.

The ricocheting Fiber doesn’t need CE or Anarchy, but it benefits greatly from both.

Me too.

This is my DT focused build with:

  1. Antagonist/Hide of Terra depending on what we’re fighting.
  2. Shock Bone of the Ancients.
  3. Shock Storm.
  4. Leg. Cat.
  5. Slag o-negative (for healing DT).
  6. Shock ricocheting Fiber.
  7. Twister.
  8. Shock Hail.

It works rather well on OP 8, especially with a Maya tagging along.


Yeah, that didn’t come out right! What I meant was that most players will spec in both Anarchy and Close Enough to maximize the potential of the Fibber, and hitting stuff without CE takes some practice.[quote=“Gulfwulf, post:4, topic:1289553”]
This is my DT focused build with:

Antagonist/Hide of Terra depending on what we’re fighting.
Shock Bone of the Ancients.
Shock Storm.
Leg. Cat.
Slag o-negative (for healing DT).
Shock ricocheting Fiber.
Shock Hail.

That looks like it’s ready to go to town with!

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Yes it does. It’s so much easier to just aim at the ground and let CE take of the actual aiming.

It is and it’s a lot of fun to play. I went OC for Robot Rampage and BSS, plus anarchy really helps all of the gear hit harder. 250 stacks is easy to handle, but I would be careful adding more because accuracy really goes out the window when you go over 250. I wouldn’t raid with this build, but it’s a fun mobbing one.

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The 26/26/15 spec is the go to when talking about running the Peak or mobbing in general.
With the useless skills and some extra kill points going to the OC tree, this is where this build is going to end.

The Leg Catalyst or Mechromancer would be better COM choices, though.

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Fibber is backup weapon incase my shock Akurate Bone Shredder runs out of ammo It’s accuracy is boosted by mod that’s why it’s supper accurate even at mid range and Moxxi’s heartbreaker is just to hit element deathtrap fire is better offcourse on animals and pirates and bandits. CE din’t work with my last Gaige build with Anarchy build cause I was firing too high at long range by removing that you now hit headshots.

I have an Anarchy gaige build but I am Using My bff + elemental gaige this time and its more survivable than anarchy build cause you hide when deathtrap is out let deathtrap do all the killing. Your use here the slager. now you guyz know why antagonist shield.

Wires don’t talk is for boss or gaurdian fights. My mod boost cooking up trouble so i don’t need to hide all the time I just have to stand and wait for deathtrap to finish enemies off. With this build you can eat while playing haha


At lvl 72 and up? If you don’t have a damn good roid shield on deathtrap, I think not (at least, not to the degree of sitting doing nothing. No pet in Borderlands, even the badass Jacks in TPS, can completely roll over everything at endgme without at least a little micromanagement).

BFF+ LBT builds are solid, but you need to cater to the strengths of the two trees. Remember, Shock damage is multiplicative with anarchy and wires don’t talk, so the more anarchy you have, the more your shock weapons do. Even just having the 1 point in anarchy would do loads for your damage.

Btw, if you went with a fire bone and gave DT a hide of terra or a Flame of the firehawk, his novas and your electrical burn would do some pretty good damage. Throw in a catalyst COM and you’re good to go.

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Be that as it may, you’re going to run into serious problems if you try to use this in the OP levels. DT is powerful, but it’ll have lots of trouble killing anything after level 72.

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No thats what the make it sparkle is for duh just change element on what the enemy is weak at. I did not put my other elements that I have in my backpack the elements I have in my backpack are corrosive akurate bone shredder and Harold explosive. This is why DT is still strong in OP levels he fights with element which enemies are weak at

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Sorry, some of the things here just don’t make much sense. If I may ask, why did you give DT 2 attacks that aren’t melee? Make it Sparkle only works on his melee attacks, so those other two aren’t affected by his melee+elemental damage boosts. And both the stare and explosive clap are resisted by shields, with the stare receiving a massive penalty versus shields, so why have them when melee will do more?

Why does he have the antagonist for a shield? IIRC, it only works when the shield is up, and DT’s shield is down most of the time. It also only works on bullets, leaving him vulnerable to creature attacks. He also doesn’t have roid damage, nor does he have robot rampage for burst damage.

Elemental matching is powerful, but you’re running a build where that is your only source of damage (on a character with really bad weapon swap speed at that). To further extenuate that, you’re not running with the twister, which is the best shotgun for Gaige bar none. You have DT as a source of damage, but he only has +30% melee damage and some fairly weak elemental attacks. Your DPS is not so great either, especially with the COM you are using.

Don’t get me wrong, if you play the build and it works more power to you. But it certainly is not super strong, the math is not adding up for that. 2.75 extra damage at most is not going to net you a good time in the OP levels, and is still stretching it at 72. You may want to ask some of the people here for advise, they know a lot about Gaige, and if the game is 3 years old and no one has discovered this it probably doesn’t offer you anything another build could, unless you’re just looking for a challenge.


What he said. Your build isn’t new and it isn’t particularly powerful either. There’s nothing wrong with it if that’s how you want to play, but it’s not “super strong”, nor is it something people don’t know about.


I would do more speed+ heal+ being master at aim with a slag bouncing biddy or something (lightning bolt+ grog nozzle is useful too) Sweetheart class mod for Cooking Up Trouble and More Pep, Antagonist Shield and Bee shield (Give DT Antagonist and switch to the Bee) Vladof Snipers to do millions of damage with the Bee-Stacking Glitch per shot, interspread outburst for slagging more, and a health relic.

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You’d need to make a video to show all of that working lol

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