Gaige Class mod

I’m not sure if anyone still comes on this board but I’m looking for a good class mod for my level 50 Gaige. I wanna respec her but i don’t have a class mod for the spec i wanna do. I’m still playing so hopefully i find one but any help is appreciated. I’m trying to go into Best Friends Forever.

Putting your gamer tag might help

I might have a spare level 50 class mod or two. What, specifically, are you looking for? If your GT is not the same as you forum name, either post it here or send me a PM (use the “Flag” icon to send a PM on the forums). Mention of your time zone would also help :wink:

My gamestag is ThatBeardedGuy1 I’m on the east coast. I’m not quite sure what mod i’m looking into yet just anything that works well in the BFF tree, if it helps another tree as well thats just an added bonus haha

I have a legandery class mod for her it’s a cooldown if you want it I’m on XBOX 360 my Game Tag is UNSCs Noble 6

I’ll check tonight (assuming my son doesn’t beat me to the XBox!) and let you know if I have anything. (Also Eastern)

Edit: looks like the only level 50 I’ve got is a blue that boosts Better Half and More Pep, plus Team Health. If you want it, let me know (GT: Alkymist96)

Greengame was able to help me, Thanks everyone. If anyone wants to play add me :slight_smile: