Gaige Experts Wanted

I have had Gaige at 72 before but I did so without really getting the most out of her. I started a new Gaige just now, got her to level 7, done everything before Best Minion Ever. My two skill points have gone into Anarchy and SLF. Should I just go down Ordered Chaos, or is it advisable to go elsewhere? I want the easiest time for solo please :slight_smile:

Easiest for me gas been traipsing through LBT and BFF, with no/little OC at all. The Gaige section is pretty well developed with resources, so check out all the boffo links in the Community Resources pin. Here’s some to start with:

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Personally, I’d go down OC and get Blood Soaked Shields, Discord, and Rational Anarchist. Then do whatever you want after.


That’s also a good route. Either OC with BSS, or BFF with Cooking up Trouble and Fancy Mathematics. Both will get you through NVHM into TVHM without too much trouble.

You can go down both LBT and BFF exclusively, but if you want to play around Anarchy I suggest to spec Close Enough, The Better Half (fire rate to multiply your damage boost) and then Upshot Robot. After, go back to the OC tree.

I HiGHLY suggest it, really.


Forgive my ignorance, I assumed Anarchy was an essential part of using Gaige. I’m assuming from comments here that i’m wrong?

Not necessarily essential. Certainly, you can play through NVHM and TVHM without anarchy at all, or with only a few modest points in the anarchy tree. A lot of folks find the prospect of juggling anarchy stacks and trying to remember to NOT reload somewhat intimidating. Like all things, you get used to it. (When Gaige gains a number of anarchy stacks, she’ll randomly yell “Don’t reload! Don’t reload!”) In UVHM, the damage buff that comes from anarchy stacks starts to become more important, especially for raid bosses, but you have to get there first.

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I understand. It’s essentially like when you start a new Krieg, you’ll want to spec into Fuel the Rampage, but once you get to Buzzaxe Rampage, you should spec out of it and get other things. I’m level 8 now so still a long way to go, but it feels better to be getting her there legit :slight_smile:


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The build seems viable to me, if you’re looking to run the Legendary Anarchist. A few things I would change though;
Dropping Robot Rampage and putting that skill instead, in either Typecast Iconoclast or Preshrunk Cyberpunk. Ideally Anarchy focused builds need lots of stacks, but I find that 250-300 is perfect.
And since it’s in the spirit of Anarchy, I would move those points from More Pep and finish out Myelin and So5G. More Pep is better suited towards elemental builds and even then it’s kind of minimal in its contribution. If DT is rarely used, then he needs to hit hard when he is. He can often times be your saving grace in FFYL. Myelin’s resistance to shock is totally worth it when Surveyors are swarming and hitting you from all sides with that persistent shock attack. This also includes other shock related enemies too.

And in regards to capstone skills, don’t hastily dismiss Make It Sparkle. It allows DT to deal regular melee damage AND elemental damage. Handy for pesky enemies like Ironclad Lunatics and such that require an elemental edge in dealing their demise.

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To be honest - I also spec Make it Sparkle. My build is similar to Ninja’s
This is the core with 4 leftover points to put in LBT or BFF.

It is my understanding that Robot Rampage is Deathtrap’s best offensive skill, would it not be wise to keep it?

You can play Gaige basically three ways when it come to late game: Sharing is Caring/Make it Sparkle, where DT is going to do the hard work for you with a Roid shield; Catalyst, where the focus is doing damage through Electrical Burn and DoT overall and an Anarchy focused build, where DT is just a distraction and you do the job.

But dont bother with it until late game. My first post was about leveling, as it is what you need right now.

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Sorry, I tend to get carried away and start planning my 72 build as soon as Flynt is eating dirt :smiley:

The animation takes a good few seconds and it’s damage isn’t too up there. An underrated skill, that even though has a long animation as well, and deals sizeable damage is The Clap. It can clear out groups of enemies at times.

But how are you planning to use DT? I understand you’re not a fan…

Whatever means I have the most success with the least issues, same as any character I guess.

Robot Rampage deals a lot more damage than Explosive Clap, especially if you have Make it Sparkle, a Roid shield through Sharing is Caring or both.

Even If you like planing ahead, I would say to get the feel of Gaige first.
Her playstyles are kinda distinct, but I could send you some build examples for 72 if you want.


Everything Gabriel has said! Levelling is learning and Gaige has peculiar skills that need to be learned as you go.


It never seemed to whenever I was trying it out. But then again, isn’t Robot Rampage more of a 1 on 1 attack whereas Explosive Clap is more Area of Effect?

( is my build. With a few odds and ends that I’ll sometimes tweak depending on circumstances. I use DT as my backup plan for when things get dicey. I formed the habit of summoning him right before hitting FFYL to double my chances of a second wind. Sometimes when I’m smart (rarely happens) I’ll call him sooner to help take the focus of a mob from me.

I use a pair of Fibbers (shock and corrosive with all these weapons), Kitten, Conference Call (only one to have a fire element for, though I never use it really due to Electrical Burn), and usually a Norfleet (for immediate second winds). I have found that the shock element can basically tackle any and every enemy with ease. (Save the UBA Shock Skags and Shock Nomads)

I concur with Jefe and Gabriel. Gaige is versatile in how she can be played, so definitely experiment - I know I did. And I didn’t even begin looking into the OC tree until well into UVHM because I didn’t like it at first. But when you’re struggling to keep up, you know you gotta change something so I did. Took some work, but thats half the fun!

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Robot Rampage is faster than Explosive Clap animation wise, doesnt bug DT AI and can hit everything around him. It is like a lot of melee hits in quick sucession.
The fact it can get Roid and element from the capstones is the icing on the cake. Not to mention the melee boosts from skills such as Sf5G, MoSS and Upshot Robot.