Gaige Experts Wanted

Try Slow Hands on your Sal- I did Magic Slaughter with my latest Sal using a slag Sledge’s Shotgun and shock Practicable Slow Hand along with a The Transformer shield. The Slow Hand ignores shields and being shock recharged the Transformer when used in close quarters. Dual Slow Hands might work even better. This was done at OP0 though- I haven’t revisited MS since reaching OP8. At least, not until I can get the same gear again on level…

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So what you want to do is go for anarchy and smaller lighter faster note smaller lighter faster will make 1 clip weapons obsolete then go into blood soaked shields and 1 into preshrunk cyberpunk so you can get 200 stacks or if you have a turtle shield you can go all 5 points in blood soaked shields then discord just in case you interact with something and Typecast Iconoclast make sure you have a good anarchist class mod for 5 or 6 points and max it out it will help a lot but make sure to get Rational anarchist for quick good damage then switch off to BFF tree you can get anything just don’t get potent as a pony cause you got blood soaked shields and explosive Clap it worthless and that it and if you have other points put them into Myelin and shock storm and just one into shock and Arrrggggg but last thing if you didn’t spend that much into BFF (you should with sharing is caring and hide of terra P.S roid damage works with deathtrap) But if not I recommend a slayer of Terra class mod and electric burn maxed out with a strom front or quarser which can help with a slag weapon in hand hopefully a slagga but that it also don’t get stare or one two boom the only good deathtrap thing is robot rampage and that it

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So… i’m resurrecting this. Need you guys to guide me! She’s now level 26, once I hit 31 i’m not sure where her build is going.

This is the build, going to max 20% and then get the capstone. After that, should I start heading down Ordered Chaos??

Depends on what you want. You don’t really need the damage buffs from Anarchy through TVHM (although it helps towards the end). Then again, it is pretty fun! So, do you want to make strong use of Anarchy through TVHM, or do you want to be more elemental? How much use are you going to make of DT? These things will govern which way you go.

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I think i’m fine with going elemental for TVHM. So many great elemental weapons, seems like a decent plan. Can always respec if I don’t like it right?

I used to hate DT but as I level up I can see how he’s pretty useful, so i’m not against making full use of him either.

I don’t know :confused:

Alright, elemental it is then! Myelin is pretty useful and Sof5G is good for more DT. Shock Storm is… a personal choice. It’s devastating in mobs (especially in TVHM), and DT can proc it too, but it’s also quite blinding when it goes off. In UVHM I feel it needs a bit more range to be really good, so as to offset the visuals. Evil Enchantress and Wires Don’t Talk are pretty essential, and I love coupling those with Electrical Burn. If you want auto-slag periodically, Interspersed Outburst actually works quite well provided you give it a nudge with a relevant COM (and maybe a boost from More Pep, depending on class mod).

This should help clarify some of the workings etc.:


If you want to go down LBT, you have to chose between EB and IO as both requires a COM to work properly.
You can also go hybrid by giving up WDT, as the boost isnt as noticeable as EE, and swap COMs when needed. Im running through UVHM this way and it is just fine.

Just remember that a Tesla is your best EB proc outside of legendaries and slag squares the damage, so get used to apply it even if it is just TVHM play.


Honestly with her I don’t know what I want. I guess i’ll work it out as I go, not like I can’t respec if i’m not happy with my choices :slight_smile:

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Yeah, pretty much. My first builld was a FoFH spam with SiC but today I play with a LBT/OC. Just change as much as you can, Gaige can work with all combinations of her skill trees.

My suggestion until you hit level 50:
if you want to take on Terra at the end of TVHM I’d respec to an OC build but this should get you thru until then. Your weapon selection will influence skill choices like Close Enough. I take Fancy Mathematics over Unstoppable Force as UF is a kill skill, which might be lacking in certain areas (like facing Saturn for example- not sure if shooting his rockets count towards the use of UF). By level 58 you can reach Make It Sparkle and have DT continue to help you reach level 72, although by then you might want to max out a few other skills first. have fun with our favorite Screaming Mimi! :grinning:

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Since she’s already pretty inaccurate with Anarchy, i’m guessing she’d be pretty good with the Flakker, where accuracy is sort of irrelevant??

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I think all of us can agree:


I can faintly remember my early Gaige days…I think I sort of zig-zagged back and forth between BFF and LBT. It was offset a bit though and tended to change frequently because I was learning still.

But I know I have never really sought the BFF tree capstone skill partly because of my forget-me-until-its-too-late relationship with DT. And I hate being idle in combat.


Yes. :heart_eyes: Flakker is top gear for Gaige, even more so than most VHs.

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The Flakker is actually pretty good with close enough, especially if you hit from above.
Also, Discord tight the spread a lot.

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I’ve never bothered to master the Flakker, she may be the reason I do!

On Fancy Mathematics, what are the numbers when at full health? No bonus?

I’m thinking now of low accuracy weapons that she could wreck with. Bone Shredder? Is Made of Sterner Stuff worth it? The numbers on those percentages seem very underwhelming…

Just realised that this post now looks like i’ve got ADHD :smiley:

Bone Shredder is a poor man Tattler, but works. Gets a lot from TBH due the high mag size and from Close Enough too.
On MoSS, the melee boost is the same as So5G plus the damage reduction. Not her best skill but still worth it if you have the free points from Close Enough. Especially if boosted by a COM like the Roboteer or Necromancer.

Also, can I ask you shomething? I’ve watched your run through sawtooth and you use a Sweetheart COM. DT seems more durable with it? Im thinking that the health team boost affects DT like the fire rate team boost from the Gunner COM affects Axton Turret.

Honestly i’m using that COM because it was a purple that boosted 2 skills I use, pretty much the only reason. I’m not sure to be honest, i’ve since changed to a Superior Sweetheart (Blue), simply because i’ve found nothing better. If I find something else that’s worth using i’ll try it and see if DT last less :slight_smile:

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I see. But for a BFF, the Sweetheart is pretty good as the skills are in the tree. The Prodigy and Roboteer should be very good too.

Just finished NVHM. Level 32 dinged when I picked up the key, build is now this:

My plan was to work towards this: using a Legendary Catalyst. Would that be decent?

As a personal preference, I take Shock and Awe and 1 point in Shock Storm to proc more Electrical Burn. The points could come from Pep.

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