Gaige Experts Wanted

Strangely my DT has bugged out using Robot Rampage once or twice, but only those times…it was weird. He got hung up in the wind up and kept repeating it without actually following through. Another time he completed the whole thing, but the noise he makes for the skill persisted and he just fell still and quit attacking. Numerous other unrelated incidents revolve around being a spectator to the fights despite his up close range.

I first started my original Gaige down the LBT tree and went with LBT/BFF- didn’t bother with OC until I hit the end of TVHM and went to take on Terra. My OP8 Gaige 2.0 is DT focused while Queen Scream is more about doing it herself and runs an OC/LBT build with some BFF (down to Upshot Robot). If you get lucky enough to find one a CN Necromancer mod will let her use an Infinity for even more craziness :grinning: Gaige is the only character that’s completed Hyperion Slaughter Dome w/o dying and has cleared entire mobs in Bandit Slaughter in seconds (once her Anarchy stacks got high enough). Between Anarchy and her shield skills she can get to be quite the destructive force of nature…:grinning:

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Bouncing Bullet Barrage (my build)

Totally tailored to using the Necromancer COM and the Infinity for maximum chaos. This has been the build on my Gaige (Sparx), when not in serious mode, at all times almost.

This. Even if I always build towards Discord first. But doing that really trivialises normal and TVHM even more than they already are. It’s a habit that’s hard to break, but I’d definetly go for that suggestion I quoted.

If I recall my route proper:
Went full on OC, up to and including With Claws, then worked on LBT, and afterwards, when the capbecame 72 squeezed in some points into BFF; pretty much almost the opposite you’d like to do.

Going down to Discord is also a good way to spec, as it can control your stack ceiling.
Plus Blood Soaked Shields and Robot Rampage.

I just like to have Close Enough as soon as I can, even not really needing early on. And, as Im already there, grabbing TBH and Upshot Robot is a bonus.
Being honest, I really like Upshot Robot haha


It does not work well against fast and/or jumpy enemies. Rabids just jump out of the way during the wind-up. It’s definitely a situational thing - great when it works, but frustrating when you’d rather have DT doing something else. To OP I’d say take it for a spin (ha!) and see how it works for you.

Pretty much. To me, it has been DT best skill so far.

Throwing in my experience as someone who is also (slowly) leveling Gaige.

The only reason I play her at all is Anarchy, so to me yes it is essential. :slight_smile: Deathtrap is a panic button I otherwise care nothing about. The level 7 point went in Cooking Up Trouble because passive health regen is mandatory (to me). Then beeline to Discord as a protection against accidental reloads (has only happened once so far, well after getting Discord). Then finish CUT because health regen. At that point, I’d agree with l_gabrielcruz about the way to go, and that is absolutely not what I’m doing. :smiley: My Gaige has a shiny orange lunchbox (Leg. Mechromancer) waiting for her at 30 so my skill allocation has been heavily distorted by that.

I remember reading somewhere that Close Enough was not advised at low level, so it’s interesting to see arguments to the contrary here. I don’t see myself getting it until the high 40s, low 50s - Rational Anarchist, Wires Don’t Talk, probably Interspersed Outburst first… I also don’t see the appeal of any capstone (see the Haiku thread :smiley: ).

Gear - almost exclusively shotguns, initially a Coach Gun, then a series of Hulks (and a Flakker which utterly trivialized Wilhelm and the Gluttonous Thresher), currently a Ravager at 25. Not sure if that in-everything’s-face style can survive TVHM or UVHM, but I’ll certainly try!

The one down side of Gaige has been sudden arbitrary deaths, a mystery explosion (grenade? a loader reinforcement arriving?) on the other side of a container knocking her off a cliff in Thousand Cuts, and later being cornered by several mortar circles on the way up BNK3R Hill. Can’t wait for Typecast Iconoclast and Rational Anarchist to better recover from that kind of thing!


Close Enough is heavily tied with your stacks cap.
Also, I always found it to be very good with shotguns as the spread tends to become wide when Anarchy stacks, especially Quad barreled ones.

I get the impression that those who dislike Close Enough do so because it potentially removes some of the skill from the game. One could say the same of Phaselock - but one doesn’t, does one.

I take it because it’s silly not to. It’s just part of Gaige’s quirkiness and I like that certain characters are to be played completely differently from others.


It does wonders for a gun with a ricochet effect, such as the Fibber. I’ve also noticed that when you’re aiming and the bandit in question has taken cover, but a small part of him is still visible; the fickle game mechanics often times deny you the hit despite obvious exposure. Close Enough tends to curb these instances better and seem to counteract glitches in the form of invisible/impossible barriers.


To be clear, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Close Enough, obviously it’s a good and unique skill, and eventually my Gaige will pick it up. Just not clear on why it would be a priority at very low level. The stacks cap will be 150 until sometime in UVHM, typically; the Fibber is a once per playthrough item that will be relevant from, what, 27-32ish and 48-51ish?

Quad shotguns - so far, shooting from ridiculously close range works well. :slight_smile: I’m guessing that’s probably not viable much past NVHM though… Might have to move Close Enough to the mid-30s to make up for that; I guess I’ll see when she gets there.

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Don’t forget the Trick Shot prefix for Jakobs pistols. And I believe there are a few others with a ricochet property, but my memory is failing me right this second. I mentioned the Fibber just out of notoriety and quick recall.

But I understand what you’re saying. Initially, as we all know, Anarchy reduces accuracy. And sometimes this can be a very frustrating thing, even if the cap is inly 150. Close Enough is supposed to work with Anarchy in the hopes of correcting the loss. Or giving a bit of a loophole to the Accuracy loss in that that you only need to shoot a surface close to the enemy so that 50% of those shots are really hitting. But to cut a long wind short…

While it has a few uses and perks, it is best supplementing Anarchy. And I agree with you @Worblehat ; it isn’t really necessary in the beginning as I believe the points could be better elsewhere. There are other skills you could practice even. However, I am a wild spray n pray shooter a lot of the time, so the added chance to land a shot gets my attention.


If your stacks ceiling is 150, I believe you wont need it. Both Dahl and Hyperion are still accurate enough to even crit with 150 stacks, so you won’t need Close Enough. You can also play agressive with shotguns and have Blood Soaked Shields to back you up.

Accuracy is stil very doable if your cap is 150, even more so with a Prodigy COM.
However, I personally cannot recommend Hyperion in her hands, unless it is a shotgun, I find that they suffer the worst from negative accuracy granted by Anarchy.


I didn’t spec into BSS with Gaige 2.0 (aka Boom Boom Jacks) until I hit level 72 and started farming raid bosses- I went with Fancy Mathematics and Unstoppable Force instead so don’t feel that you need to rush into OC to reach BSS- it can wait…

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Personally, I like both Vision and Thinking.

Ok guys, i’m now level 12, 5/5 in Cooking Up Trouble and the next two have gone into The Better Half. I tend to avoid skills that depend on you having low health, but is Fancy Mathematics worth taking instead?

Better Half is better for weapons with a medium to large mag size. (I think you said you were using shotguns?) Your health doesn’t necessarily have to be low for Fancy Mathematics to work. I like to split these two usually because I find the boost in recharge delay helps a bit.

I am at the moment, but to say exclusively would be a lie, i’m also using a Lascaux, a Jakobs Pistol and a Jakobs sniper rifle for certain things. Just did the Cult quest, in Three Horns Valley right now fixing the pump and then it’s off the The Dust.