Gaige gear for op8

hey so i’ve managed to reach op4 and after 4hours of refarming moonshot i got a crap shock cc…
i think i can make it to op8 and start refarm my gear and finally get top notch gear

im using nova build and this is the weapons i aim for

Shock Cc with X7 - probably one of the hardest farms in the game.

Shock Pimpernel -barkin prefix with Maliwan grip-easy to get as its a quest reward

Shock Fibber - Heard tales about this gun and i wonder which prefix/barrel/grip i should aim for ??
its also a quest reward so kinda easy to get.

Fire Lyuda just for spefic enemies / boss- farm spot is easy and the rest is rng

Twister - will only farm it after i get my whole gear set up as i heard legends on how hard it is to get this gun.

Now my main slagging tool is Slagga with fast bullets prefix - i find it much easier ans better to slag whole area compared to Magic missles.

that gives me the option to use grenades like Storm Front or Quasar.

now Blockade is a must in my opnion but sadly mine is lvl 72 because its damm hard to kill thoae dragons!

Relic -Shock Damage and CDR

i wonder what you guys think about this setup
got any tips?
thinks it can carry me in OP8?

I think you’re too shock-oriented. Gaige does a lot of shock damage yes, but do not underestimate the power of element matching. Shock weapons are best kept in reserve for enemies with heavy shields, weaker enemies, and tough enemies who resist the element they should be weak to (Fleshy fire enemies for example)
Against badasses, you should still aim to element match.

The Twister, by far the hardest farm in the game, and arguably one of the best weapons so it’s worth the rarity. The Twister is GODLIKE on Gaige, as it has a fixed spread pattern it’s not as erratic as most weapons with Anarchy. The same goes for guns like the Octo, Blockhead, and Omen, but all three combined are not the Twister. The Twister spread merely spreads out even further, meaning it has a much larger AoE. But that’s far down he track.

Gaige with the Blockade is damn near unkillable, but she’s also one of the best Bee users because of her shield proficiency which is why the Fibber is so good on her.

As for the Fibber, you want the ricochet barrel (Sorry can’t remember what it looks like/what manufacturer) the one that splits into nine projectiles when the initial projectile hits a solid object (Fire it at the ground, at an enemies feet, and the nine projectiles will bounce up at the enemy, synergises well with The Bee because of unlisted projectiles)

But yeah, for the most part I’d say don’t rely so strongly on shock weapons just because Gaige has a tree dedicated to shock damage, I once made that mistake.

If you plan on shock Gaige at OP8, go for it, it’s viable as many players on these forums have shown. However, to op8, you might just want to use a balanced gun build… That way you can use a wider range of gear. Quasar isn’t the easiest farm for specific parts (longbow) but it’s not impossible either… I again recommend the Antagonist as you can now farm 72 Pete for crystals using OP4 gear, including a storm front which is another easy farm (any of the ninja turtle spoof mini bosses can drop it)… I would go Antagonist, any decent relic, your COM, your Slagga, Capt Scarlett gear (Sandhawk, Pimp, OM, JR), plus a Bee (for bosses), slag singularity (for assassins part, wouldn’t farm a quasar just for a few op levels), plus some kind of balanced Gaige anarchy gun build, but perhaps others have better ideas. Remember that for the peak, you might want corrosive weaponry as everything there is weak to corrosive, even bandits… Magic missile and chain lightning are easy farms btw if you have done the Tina DLC to the last or second to last levels

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thing is with corrosive weapons
im not sure how much we need them as shock gaige

when i did the peak to op4 and used shock pimp on those tanks
and the pimp hit perfectly i took the tank down in 2 shots !
and now im using discord much more
so lets say i see a tank?activating discord
2-3 pimpernel shots and its down
disable discord

so why i need corrosive ^^?
the thing with weapons like Fibber and Pimper is that they are both quest rewards which means
i can use my trick to refarm them as much as i want
so i can get my self corrosive and shock from each! :slight_smile:
i dont like magic missles for few reasons.
its slow
you can slag/hit your self
and its overused !

Slagga with fast bullets prefix…oh god
i take the slagga out
shot the whole area
everything slagged xD
switch to Cc and throw Storm front and all dead.

i will start farm Pete for crystals and get my self Antagonist until i can get op8 Blockade

I only suggest corrosive as enemies on the peak are weak to it, and as you are often using gear a few levels down (op4 gear doing op7 let’s say)… It might be useful, if you find you don’t need it then ignore that idea…I do like to corrosive beehawk Durkino’s mom and Saturn with most chars… I would try to do op4 with your current gear and maybe even op5 (or give it a shot) then re farm some of the gear I suggested for the last push… Crystals also get the Florentine, of which opinion is mixed but I like it and of course easy to get parts like the Antag as it comes from a vendor

One thing about the Peak that has been mentioned in past DP threads is that the flesh enemies there aren’t exactly ‘flesh’- they’re digistructed copies of flesh creatures. As such, fire weapons don’t do their normal damage against them, meaning that shock and corrosive weapons would work just as well if not better. Also, there are a lot of armored enemies on the Peak so a good corrosive weapon couldn’t hurt. I’ve mentioned this before in other posts but the ricochet Fibber has the largest base damage of the three types available, the ‘critical’ Fibber has the smallest base damage while the ‘shotgun’ Fibber has a x1 multiplier in its base weapon damage. As such, a shock Redundant Fibber should be the element/prefix you want- I’m not sure about gun parts so that I can’t help you with…:smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:
i plan to work on this quets today so you helped me alot

Why not farm the Handsome Sorcerer? From what I understand he has a smaller loot pool and is a better source for CCs.

For this I suggest you start here.

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Although I normally prefer farming the warrior as it’s a simpler fight, the other advantage of the handsome sorcerer is you can farm a chain lightening at the same from the two BA sorcerers on the way to him (you have to kill the first two enemies in the level to get the first to spawn). I thought the Warrior and Handsome Sorceror had the same loot pools?

They do, although with the HS you also get a chance for the dlc grenade mods and coms from the mimic chests…

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