Gaige help need recommendations for gear

First off i want to state that i am very new to this game and this is my first ever play through ever. i love gaige, and want to know the absolute best gear i should farm late game. i just beat TVHM and i plan on going into UVHM ina. couple days after i farm bee shield and a couple more weapons. im already running a really good skill tree based on a guide and i just want to know what the best gear i should get pre OP. so what should i farm for At level 80. im willing to reset Once i get there if necessary, and i also love grinding for rare loot so shoot anything at me. i dont actualy know if the level 80 unk pt herald would be good or not because i learned that enemies scale to your level. so if im level 80 i could get a level 80 herald? Anyways, shoot your suggestions please for any good weapons. Thanks!

Check Gaige section.

There is no one loadout that goes with every build and playstyle, but you can find weapons for whatever style you want.

Yes, you could.

The Unkempt Harold is a standard choice for one reason: it works. Many recommend the Double-Penetrating version that boasts huge damage, goes well with the Bee and has the added bonus of stacking Anarchy stacks quickly due to the frequent reloads. But honestly, most on-level Harolds will do the trick.

Another gun to look for is a Fibber with a ricochet barrel that one gets as a reward for the mission A Real Boy: Human in the Eridium Blight. As a quest reward it can’t be farmed like the Harold, but the right barrel splits the bullets into 9 pellets on impact that each get the full bonus from the Bee.

The Slagga is another standard due to large magazine and high slagging chance. The Sandhawk, if you own the Captain Scarlett DLC, is also prized among SMGs.

Though mainly, one can go with whatever fits the build. And there are a lot of possible builds ranging from Deathtrap wrangler over Shock builds to Anarchy builds that use Deathtrap to catch a little aggro and not much else.

On shields, again go with the build. The Bee usually helps. If you want Deathtrap to do more damage, get Sharing Is Caring and equip a Love Thumper (or another Roid shield) on summoning. If you’re into Little Big Trouble and loads of shock damage go for a Black Hole. For gun damage, go with a Bee (that has all the shield effect of a wet paper bag).

COMs: once again, depends on your build. The Legendary Mechromancer COM offers a great cooldown bonus among other things, passive healing via Cooking Up Trouble and a fire rate bonus via The Better Half, not much to complain there. For added shock I swear on the Legendary Catalyst.

Relics: Bone Of The Ancients in whatever element you prefer, a Stockpile relic can help while leveling or if you find yourself relying on pistols or shotguns mainly then a Sheriff’s or a Deputy’s Badge respectively.

Hope that helps a little.

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It’s certainly up for debate, but the hail is imo the best weapon in the game and it just so happens to be incredible on gaige. Plus it’s a quest reward.

I’m no gaige expert, but gear depends on your build. The damage boost from anarchy gives her plenty of flexibility


For the most part. There’s the +1/-2 rule : in UVHM any drop can be one level above (except at level 80+), on level, or one or two levels under. At OP10 you may get OP8/9 drops.

You’d have to either go back to Hunter Hellquist in TVHM or speed run Tina’s DLC to the Forest and farm the Treants. Otherwise Hunter doesn’t show up til late in UVHM of course.

Two guns that are worth getting in TVHM : ricochet Fibber and Slagga as Curm mentioned. Then again at endgame.

Hail as Pie mentioned is an absolute. I typically mow through the first rounds of Bandit Slaughter in UVHM and save the last round for end game.

Another handy thing is a Jakobs shotgun (Coach ideally) for stack building.

Also, you’re getting meh shields while levelling, any high capacity Pangolin (Turtle) is a safe bet.

There is gear specific to Legendary Catalyst builds so let us know if that’s what you’re using or intend to use.

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It may be up for debate if it’s THE best weapon in the game, but it’s almost unanimous one of the best. The Hail takes a little practice due to its firing arc, though once one has figured that out it hits like a truck.

A good purple Jakobs is never wrong :grin:

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Gaige is an awesome character, very powerful when used properly. I play her as shock gaige with a shock bone and sharing is caring and use a redundant shock fibber and i never have to use a harold. She just melts everything, especially with interspersed outburst. I use a grounded blackhole shield to group up enemies and it can clear whole mobs. Another great shield for her is flame of the firehawk, deathtrap can clear a lotta flesh enemies with it. If you play as shock gaige, just about any decent shock gun will help a lot…thunderball fists, little evie, shock sandhawk, shock pimp, etc.

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