Gaige is proving an interesting challenge

I’m a LONG time Run & Gun Zer0 player, and as such I’ve come to heavily rely on my action skill as a huge bonus.

Now that I am playing Gaige (currently NVHM, WEP in story, lvl 28) I am finding it difficult to break out of the Action Skill box. Previously I was “Screw Anarchy, I like precision too much!” Now I’ve developed a style more akin to playing pool. I bank shotgun blasts off walls and floors deliberately, rarely ever direcly aiming. Hell, I rarely ever used shottys with Zer0 until I got a Twister. I’m getting to the point where I just ignore DT completely and respec into Tesla/Anarchy. Especially since the Chulain is going to be mine soon…

I dunno, it has just been an interesting journey in playstyles. Gaige and her Practicable Heart Breaker are rocking NVHM so far.

EDIT: NOOOOOPE! Still can’t handle those levels of inaccuracy. Damn near got killed trying to kill a chrysalisk! I couldn’t hit the damn thing! /experiment

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Try playing any of the Slaughter Domes with her- seriously, clearing off nearly every enemy on the platform w/o even aiming at them is a heck of a thrill. :grinning: PS- a Dahlminator in Hyperion Slaughter can hit targets on the other side of the arena- great for ‘sniping’ with high stacks…


Yep, with Zer0 and Maya I use action skills constantly. I barely ever use Deathtrap; it’s just my “oh s***” button for emergencies.

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How many stacks of Anarchy are you using?

Once it gets above 60 I get pretty frustrated.

Have you tried using Close Enough to help counterbalance while using a weapon that also has a ricochet effect with its bullets? (i.e. a Conference Call and/or Fibber) I myself use those weapons with Close Enough at 2/5 and a max of 250-300 stacks, depending on how I set that part of my build up. I also find aiming from the torso to the feet to have better effect than going straight for critical hits.

I am, but in open environments you don’t have anything to bank off of. Bloodwing was…uuuugh.

There’s always the ground, as 90% of enemies will come straight at you…

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I second @Carlton_Slayer’s notion about using the ground. It’s what I do; just aim at the ground a little ahead of their path and it bounces the full amount of bullets into them. It took me a lot of practice to figure out the mechanics and even then I’m no problem, so don’t feel bad.

One word : ricochet Fibber. uh… two words


I probably should’ve clarified that the Fibber was also the gun I was talking about in my previous post. Whoops…dunce-monkey move Ninja, way to go…:sweat_smile:

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Still, flying enemies suck balls, and I don’t want to run around looking at the ground…

Judging by my rough tests, I do more damage per second without Anarchy than with Anarchy, and use drastically less ammo. This is just by judging how long it takes me to clear rooms while farming, and how many times I have to pull the trigger.

I dunno, I just don’t like it.

I’ve played Gaige with and w/o Anarchy- I had to be convinced to try it but once I did I really enjoyed the unpredictability of it. And it’s not just the ground you can use- when I take on Terra with Gaige I’ll often bounce the shots from a Fibber off the huge cliff overhang that you drop down from. It’s almost like learning how to bank a pool shot to some degree- but I still suck at pool…:grinning:

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See, that I do, I love the pool aspect. I bank shots around pillars, over ledges, etc.

But when I use anarchy the spread goes too wide, the shots can’t bank at the right angles.