Gaige One Life OP8

So I’m going to be doing a Gaige one life and the plan is to get to OP8. I would like some help on deciding which guns I should go for as well as what the best build I should be going for.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Current Plan:

Things to get BL2 One Life Gaige

Moxxi Slaughter Dome Gun
Legendary Roboteer/Slayer of Terra/Legendary Catalyst/Tiny Tina DLC (Purple)
UVHM The Butcher
Vitality Relic/Bone of the Ancients
Grog Nozzle Mission

Well, I’m not exactly an expert on Gaige but I have just levelled her to L72, so here’s what worked for me:

Even right at the beginning I specced into Anarchy and, a bit later, SLF. It syncs very well with Close Enough and later in the game quick reloading is a godsend. Like you, I made towards SiC as DT really helps a lot and anything that keeps him up longer is good. And before I left TVHM I made sure the Hodunks gave me a L50 Slagga, which I kept refreshing as it kills pretty fast in its own right, too. I also found a decent Torgue rifle got me through a lot of situations pretty much until UVHM

At L72, I’m finding with certain weapons I often don’t even need DT, so I’ve saved the points from MoSS, 20% Cooler and SiC and put them to good use elsewhere. I use a Leg Catalyst for the most part and once I got a Maliwan Storm, Shock BoA, Twister and Shock Fibber I basically enabled God mode. Not much is immune to Shock and the odd things that are (Shock Skags, for example) can be easily dealt with by a decent Fire or Corrosive weapon. If you can deal with the grind getting a Fibber in each element is worth it

At L72 and specced up to MiS, a Leg Cat Gaige with a Shock Fibber takes things down in record time and you don’t even have to aim. I maxxed out IO, as it often removes the need to switch to another weapon to slag. The Storm and Twister take care of when I’m low on Anarchy stacks, but once I hit 50 or so I’m good to go. I’ve done the WEP and Sawtooth Cauldron a couple of times while forgetting I even had DT in my backpack. And if I ever need Torgue tokens the Twister is all I use for the Bar Room Brawl.

Anyway, my two cents. Like I said, I don’t pretend to be a Gaige expert by any stretch of the imagination but the above worked for me. Tbh, before I got some of the gear mentioned i found her OK but a bit hit and miss. Once I got the key gear, though, it’s hit all the way :smile: