Gaige, the Godfinger and the Skullmasher

Yeah. I am running a mechro with a weird mix of the Nova’s shock build (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BUILD) with Nova’s Jakobs build stuff.
And I want to know, how viable are the Godfinger and the Skullmasher on her.


They are completely unviable, and you will be utterly unable to kill anything with them. :wink:

Seriously though, they’re both fine if you use them right. The Skullmasher is pretty straightforward, but the Godfinger takes a little more finesse to get the insane damage levels out of it. How do you plan on using them?

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Aiming at the head. I’m using a Lyuda in a similar way.
AFAIK, the Godfinger has the same split bullet pattern as the bekah, right?

The Godfinger’s bullet spread isn’t quite like the Bekah’s (in that the bullets fan out laterally after a while); the Godfinger’s extra bullets stay in line. I believe the Godfinger has two mechanisms at play, and I haven’t looked after trying to stack them (which would be a little difficult).

First: bullets that hit an enemy will split into a number of smaller ones (five? Derch turned me onto this, and he can confirm the number). Those continue on pseudo-B0re style to other targets downrange. Fighting a Constructor? Come at it from the side so the turrets and body are lined up, and you’ll see this in action.

Second: the longer a bullet is in the air, the more bullets appear in-stream. For shots against single targets, you can get up to 14 extra rounds, but the distance is pretty freakin’ far. (I see lots of people using sniper rifles in the role of an assault rifle, for example: the Godfinger would be bad for this).

If you were to line two targets up at long distance (or shoot a distant target through a much closer target), I’m not sure these would stack? It seems like they would, in which case the damage would be, well, even more insane. If you just use it like a normal sniper rifle, and aren’t maximizing your distance from the target, I might consider something else.

As with the Bekah, this lends itself to abuse by Amp shields, since those pellets are unlisted.

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This makes me want to toy with the Godfinger further, cause I didn’t knew that pseudo-B0ring added pellets aswell.

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With the accuracy prefix, and Anarchy stacks management it should do well. Haven’t used the one I found a month ago yet, but it should work against atleast Loaders.

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