Gaige with 350 stacks of Anarchy becomes unplayable

Or at least when using a fibber she does. The entire screen shakes about violently and I’m not one for motion sickness, but wow, I doff my cap to anyone who can stomach that.

On a side note, the higher the stacks, the better her one liners become. Truly laughed out loud at her “i have no idea how i can even hit anything…” (or something similar) lines. Because that’s exactly what i was thinking whilst trying not to be sick fighting my way back to a fast travel station. to respec my skills.

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There was some discussion a while ago in the BL2: Gaige forum about how many stacks were enough. I remember 300 being mentioned as a reasonable number?

It’s fine if you have Close Enough and don’t use a Hyperion gun.

Yeah, I just put it back down to 300. That works fine. Anymore and like i said, the entire screen shakes violently. Can’t recall this happening on the 360 version (i have the xbone version now)

Have close enough, but the fibber just aces almost every other gun or at least for me it does. Dislike Little Evie, DPUH etc.

I’ve never bothered with a Fibber. Hails, Storms, and Coach Guns for me.

I tried using a Butcher and it was a joke. Literally couldn’t hit a massive door 2 yards away. Hyperion weapons do kinda suck on a anarchy heavy Gaige.