Gaige's 'Interspersed Outburst' Issue?

After playing BL1, BL2, & BL:PS (seasoned player for sure), I decided to play the DLC character, Gaige, in BL2.

So I just put my first Skill Point into ‘Interspersed Outburst’ for Gaige. I love it; it makes my 1050 DMG Shock Splatter E-Tech Shotgun do 10,000 DMG in Slag DMG (first playthrough, obviously)… The problem: with any gun in general, even though I see the ‘Critical’ flag, and even though it’s doing obvious critical damage, the system isn’t seeing/considering it as a true critical hit. For instance, my badazz rank for ‘Assault Gun Critical Kills’ is at lvl 3, 72/75–3 more critical kills until lvl 4. However, I have killed countless baddies with Assault criticals (buffed by ‘Interspersed Outburst), yet my ‘Assault Gun Critical Kills’ remains at lvl 3, 72/75.

I’ve only found one topic that reflects this problem (something about a DLC quest that requires killing an Orc with a Critical Hit and ‘Interspersed Outburst’ preventing that quest objective). However, I’ve also read that a patch was implemented to fix the problem.

So my question: is ‘Interspersed Outburst’ intentionally nerfed to ignore critical hit because of how much damage it can do at only Rank 1; or is it truly glitched–criticals are supposed to count as critical but the skill is broken? If there was a patch to fix it, it’s not applying to me. I started my Gaige build in 10/2015 and just put my first point into ‘Interspersed Outburst’ on 12/26/2015. The only “solution” I’ve found was to remove all Skill Points from ‘Interspersed Outburst’ which would be disappointing given its perks.

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Hey @Kong_of_FL.

I moved your post to the Gaige section, as you may get more hits there.

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Assuming your Assault Rifle is Elemental, I am just curious to know if you have tried using a Non-elemental Assault Rifle to complete the challenge? Perhaps your elemental DOT damage is actually killing the enemy and not the damage from the shot itself. Interspersed Outburst was supposed to have been fixed so that critical damage registers properly.

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The Assault Rifle I’m using is non-elemental (not explosive), so definitely no accidental DoT. When I shoot it in a bandit’s head, I get the Critical above their head, but the ‘Interspersed Outburst’ is applied first as an interesting, purple, robotic effect over their entire body; the skill effect comes first, the critical flag comes second.

Edit: I’m getting the ‘Crouching Tigerbadazz points (killing enemies with an assault weapon while crouching), but the critical hits still won’t register.

Edit 2: My Assault Rifle I’m using is the Legendary Hammer Buster (never elemental, with a 50% additive crit bonus and 15% multiplicative crit bonus)

Edit 3: XBOX 360

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Think its the same issue maya has with cloud kill. The dmg from the talent kill the enemy before the crit dmg register, eventhough it shows you crit.

Maybe, the Outburst-damage kills the enemy before the weapon damage gets applied? I mean 10k of damage is a lot in NVHM, so the IO should kill as good as everything in one hit. Try hitting a boss, maybe then - on a target that isn’t dying right away - you get your Hits.

I recently prestiged BAR (yet again) on one of my Gaiges and tried duplicating your problem with the same results. It’s probably an extension of the problem with I/O getting in the way of killing that Orc with a crit in ‘My Kingdom for a Wand’ but unaffected by the fix.

As others have said above, I/O is probably killing your enemies before your crit can, but in order to advance the BAR challenge we may need to spec out of it.

Annoying whilst BAR-grinding, but a nice problem to have otherwise (^_~)