Gaining no XP from story missions in co-op

Hey sorry if this problem has been addressed before, but recently when I play in co-op mode, only player 1 gains XP from the story and side missions

We are both level 62 with all DLC installed. As player 2 I gain XP from killing enemies but nothing when turning in missions

Recently player 1 reset UVHM in order for us to max out our levels do you think this is causing some sort of glitch?

(Also I searched around and answers to similar problems all revolved around syncing XP and modifying saves, but I haven’t modified my save)

Thanks I’d really appreciate some theories as to how to fix this


Are you receiving a message saying that you have already completed this mission in another session?

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You’ll need to reset UVHM as well if you’ve already done the story missions. Otherwise you won’t get any XP.

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AH, thanks guys, you’ve really saved me!

I did get that notification but I didn’t realize what it meant XD hahahah I will reset my UVHM too

Thanks a lot :smile: