Gal/Miko/Reyna in PvP

Take those 3 and fill with your choice of ranged DPS. Feeling like derp proof DPS? Oscar. Feel like cheesing a map or hitscanning headshots? Marqius. Feelin tanky? ISAC or Toby.

The core 3 though makes pretty much any map ridiculous right now. I know, I know, there’s nerfs coming, but anytime I see these 3 on the enemy team my enjoyment of the match almost assuredly takes a nosedive.

Is it unbeatable? Of course it isn’t, but it requires coordination on a level that should not be needed in random games. The amount of crap I’ve seen a Gal tank is absurd, try and dive passed Gal and get Miko and you just get stunned and she sprints away and now you’re deep behind enemy lines getting dunked on.

Ugh…time to take a break and grind some gear or something haha.

Gal and Miko both sound like they are getting adjustments, but IMO the right approach here is not to go at them head on. Harass with someone at a distance and go maul the other two team members,. Force them to react to pressure by attacking where they are weak.