Gal Nerfs were too spiteful

A melee damage reduction for a melee character that already has to stand and hack someone for 20 seconds before they die is a bit much. Melee is risk vs reward. Don’t want to get melee’d to death? Don’t get within melee distance. Don’t really care about the other nerfs, although the DoT AoE should NOT have been reduced for PvE. Gearbox, you’re awesome; PLEASE don’t make every nerf affect PvE AND pvp.

The nerfs for both galilea and el dragon damage/stats were a lot higher than i thought they would be. I’m not freakin impressed in the slightest that my two fave characters now hit like a bitch

20 seconds? Before or after the nerf? Before the nerf it was closer to 5 seconds IF she was attacking a beefy tank.

Personally I think they nailed it. Played a match against one and she had a kill/assist count that lined up with other support characters.

Haven’t played since the patch yet, but I agree with you. She could tear through enemies like paper before they dropped her damage.

I definitely thought she needed a nerf, but she isn’t a support character

I just dont want to see melee chars become obsolete.

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Dont worry, if something is to broken then gearbox wil do their best to fix it. As long as we make constructive posts;). Shouting nerf and buff all the time doesnt realy help much in my opinion (in general, so no offence).
Even after the changes I still think she will be one of my favorites.

Lets just see how galilea and ambra perform now;)

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Have you guys even SEEN a decent Gally post patch? 2nd game I played w/a guy went 29-0

Too spiteful you say?:unamused: still the hardest hitting “Defender” in the game by a mile.


I agree, we just played a game like that. Consistently, I see Galilea getting more player/minion kills than “Attackers.” That shield stun duration is still pretty ridiculous given how much damage she deals. Nine times out of ten if you get hit by the shield, you’re dead or extremely close to it.

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Her nerfs were way to much reducing her ultimate mutation removing the 100% movement speed to 0 makes us garbage why not Nerf to 50% movement instead of 0? Reducing her base damage was stupid yeah everyone thought she’s op but still died you I could go 29-0 against noobs which is most of the ps4 players but when you playa against a good team it’s way different all the people that suck bitched for a nerf and gear box nerfed way to hard. All of her nerf was to much to her and poor ambra got it just as bad all cause people suck.

The nerf didn’t do anything. I just won against Gali and Reyna, however, she was chasing me down killing me left and right annoyingly. This is the first match in a long time I went negative. I only died to her iirc, pretty sure only to her.

G-man must have a huge hit box, because I only recall Gali missing the shield once. The match ended 50-40, Gali went 16- 8. She melted two of us at the same time, Marquis and Ghalt right after popping out of the ground.

I am going to look at her helix, I suspect this player simply made a few adjustments to his/her play-style which as a result dismisses the intended impact of the nerf. :expressionless:

For someone to go 29 and 0 now they would need a mushroom following nonstop. I don’t like to cry nerf and buff, but it’s Gali’s ability to pwn n00bs that made her get nerfed. Vs good players she was right where she needed to be.

The nerfs were good she was WAY to powerful, and she still is. Just fought a team of Galilea with Miko and she went 17-0 against us and we are a good team. The only times ive lost its because Gali has been in the game stomping everyone. She is still just too strong.

She really was too strong. Right now maybe a bit too weak, but not really. So maaayyybeee she could get a rise in damage again, but before the fix it was ridicules how strong she was

Sucks she went 17and 0 against you, but again I’m only seeing this when she has a dedicated mushroom.

And lots of people are beasts with dedicated mushrooms. Went against a Rath/Miko combo that completely owned the lane in meltdown.

I feel she is in a pretty good place right now. Stun combo might still be a little strong, but not OP so and they might break her if they tried to nerf again. I say give it some more time to see.

I just unlocked and was really excited to try her out but I have found she doesn’t have the consistency to keep up damage like I saw her originally do. She isn’t a sponge anymore either. She is just a very weak fighter compared to the others out there.

Galilea is still really good if you know how to play her. You can’t just run in and kill an entire team like you could before.

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Lol @ all you people complaining about her damage. My squad and I played against a galilea who didn’t have any support characters attached to her hip and she had 90k damage, i had 60k damage, and all 8 other players had around 30k damage.