Gali, Not so broken anymore...? Deande is...?

So back in Beta we all felt that Gali was incredibly broken and was often seen as the top slayer on a team. This was partially do to the fact that she was OP enough that they nerfed her back in the beta but even then she seemed a bit OP. I feel like this has got to do with a couple things.

  1. We didn’t know much about the game and our feel for it was rather limited.
  2. She had to many invincibility frames.
  3. We didn’t know about the true potential of a few characters clearly designed to deal with her. (Deande)

In the beta we had to rely on the fact that either they won’t have Gali on there team, or we had a Gali or at least a Phoebe of our own. In the beta I had unlocked every character but didn’t play with enough of them in depth enough for a lasting impression.

So I did this for Deande. I decided to give her another chance after mastering Phoebe. I am so glad I did. Deande was clearly designed to deal with Characters like Gali that are a headache to deal with normally. Within early game of Deande shes a little annoying to use but once you start unlocking Mutations. She becomes slightly broken. at level 5 Deande unlocks her second mutation for her Helix. When you start a game just get Deande to level 3 and she can royally screw a team over. We all hate Raths ground slam that throws you up in the air, Silences you, and slows you to almost a stun. Well Deande at level 3 after her CR 5 Helix unlock can do the same thing but Chain them. Even when Gali has her Shield up the uppercut that Deande has breaks her defense and sends her in the air and you go with them maintaining damage the entire time.

It can make quick work of any character in the game even the most annoying ones. I have often found with the right release of techniques you can disperse and entire team. I often start with the AoE Deande can gain at level 1 to disperse the crowd a bit then send out the clone to fight so i can get behind them and then i trap them in the uppercuts. I don’t ever really use the Ulti except for PvE and occasionally for a game if they run away since Deande is rather slow in speed but not attacks.

Deande is actually a pretty balanced character as she cannot take a lot of hits, but if you know how to use her she can often feel like it if your on the wrong end of her assault. It has happened more than once that I have been called a noob or received hate mail for using Deande. But its also happened that some have sent me mail asking how I can use such a bad character. I feel like Deande and Boldur are some of those Heroes that people never give much attention to other than saying they are not good.

So heads up for Deande fans you have a real treat for you if you even put in a little effort.

That is weird, I was plpaying Deande last night (as I just unlocked her) and was killing Galiea and others rather reliably. Early game was kind rough but later on I was doing really good. Same with Boldur, freaking love Boldur. The hard thing with him is knocking people into walls but he is a solid tank.

Deande at first is a late game character and boldur is know for being one as well but as soon as you get the character rank for deande shes amazing early game to and shes so far one of the few characters i take all mutations or at least so far i have 3 mutations unlocked for her. I feel like Deande is the currwnt most powerful character in game of course you have to know how to use her. Then again that is a statement for most of the Battleborn i would say.

Deande’s infinite juggle isn’t going to be around for much longer methinks.

It is possible to escape it its actually not hard to get away as deande does not always go up with them into the air and u can jump over her head and deande has a habit of moving under the enemy in the air when attacking like that. But I do think your right i do see at least a slight tweak to it coming. So all the more reason to enjoy it while u can.

Yea and once thats gone she’ll likely still be strong…but people will eventually learn to stop focusing on “Red eyez Deande” and just be evasive until cloak drops.

Possibly my fav Assassin though (Mellka is great too)…although my absolute fav Character in the game Dragon is arguably far more Assassin than Skirmisher w/his crazy burst potential.

No el dragon is good for taking on multiple enemies where the assassin characters are typically good for dispatching one at a time in comparison el dragon is good as he has a wide area of attack and a large and damaging aoe and the abilities buff even more for his ulti.

Deande is good at being able to switch from character to character but her attacks typically only hit one enemy and if he spec for the aoe it doesnt do a lot of damage well for an aoe.

The juggle is broken and people feel they need to give Deande a buff. I laughed a little when I saw this thread the first time. No offense to anyone.

I still feel she needs a buff but eh to each it’s own. I agree that the uppercut is broken as hell right now her as a character is extremely easy to kill. She’s squishy, she has slow run speed, has short attack range, and her ultmate is prolly the worse on the game. I don’t mine the squishyness (like I said in the post) if they gave her more dash speed to actually get away. And please don’t say her left skill is her escape, while that’s true, it’s a 25 second cool down with no cool down buffs and is her main method of getting ko’s so if that’s on cool down to get a kill you have no way of going back on the retreat.

She is basically a sub par Rath, with him having more attack range, more attacks per second, AoE built in his attacks, a better CC, better ult, health, and health recovery. And I compare them because they are both Jennerit Assassins. She only has the cloak kill over him and the throwing fans to pick off Enemies that try to flee your teammates, but fall short in everything else.

But yea, she needs a buff, if only slight, she needs one.

Just read this also, Deande isn’t a hard counter for Gali sorry. Even if you break her defense and launch her, chances she’s not gonna block an incoming Deande cause she’s so squishy and will either stun you or use her descreate mutation to pull you in and disrupt your combo. And the launcher on the uppercut is very small so if she’s waltzing around you like a smart Gali should she’s just gonna out damage you due to her AoE melee strikes. You may can sneak with a stealth and get the juggle rotation going from behind, but if anyone is around her when it happens you are finished, with no way of escaping, especially if you are slowed.

I have easily overcome gali and in reality why would i complain if she gets a buff if i can out play others as is. I often will use cooldown fear simply for an escape if need be but i often just use it as more damage output. The uppercut is honestly broken and her ult is bad by herself sure but it can be enough of a stun for a well coordinated team to pick off or activate there ults. She isnt squishy compared to thorn marquis or calderius personally i feel that deande is fine its rath who needs a nerf.

Deande has so many downside for being an assassin who focuses too much on CC.

Bad hit box
Meh damage
Bad movement speed
Bad range attack.

Her only saving grace is that uppercut. However, the move can also be countered by simply quick meleeing her when you drop on the ground where you will likely knock her back on the 3rd or 4th hit which causes uppercut to miss because Deande, like stated, has probably the worst hitbox for a melee attack which is basically just Phoebe attack with half the range.

With the uppercut failing, just sprint back and you will get to laugh how this assassin can’t even hit you anymore because of her poor movement and sprint speed.

I tried to get her to do well and even had fun messing with her uppercut. Although I was able to maintain positive win rate, she simply felt so weak compared to other melees. Why do all the uppercut when I can just unlock Mutation on Phoebe and deal up to 600 damage on True strike and 2-combo all squishies? Or have a much more reliable knock up to a slow and spin on Rath?

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The thing about it is, why use her ult for a team kill with another player when you could just use two ults from two otehr charactes and get multiple kills? I voice chat all the time and I say often “I’m about to stun with Deande’s Alt” and everytime the team gets ready and I stun them we get maybe one kill even with three people coordinating an attack. It’s just a stun by that point , and Gali’s shield throw can achieve teh same results with less cool down and people needed. Even when I get hit by Deande’s ult I just laugh cause I know i’m not gonna die, and the damage you take from it cause of it’s long charge time, eh, don’t even bother. Not to mention the fact that they can kill you inbetween the ult, which I have done and have had done to me several times. It is just horrible.

And yes she is as squishy as thorn, marquis, and calderius and she’s a melee class. The reason why they are suppose to be a bit more squishy is the fact they are more of a ranged attack, or a dash to get out of sticky situations, Deande just kinda strolls away even when her life’s in danger.

The clone body double is better than Tobys shield.

Deande and Boulder are great characters when the player using them is skilled. All characters really can be epic with the right person using them

This is inaccurate she has many saving graces and personally her hit box is not bad, in reality out of all the assassins if used by the right player she is prob the most dangerous. The mutations all but one are placed where you will take the mutation over the regular one simply because they are just so good and make her character that much better. I am assuming that she doesn’t work for you but imo she has got to be the best character other than maybe Melka in the the game. God do I love me some Melka

Her hitbox is a halved version of Phoebe. I had cases where I just try to hit a person hitting me in melee range back and my hits don’t even register. It also has minimal width.

She only has one great reliable ability, her clone. Her ult takes too long to activate and has more delay on her than the stun duration on enemy. Her burst dash has to be helix’d (sacrificing the super versatile dash) or it will whiff most of the time and the knock back will save your opponents more than it helps you.

She worked for me as well and I did win a lot with her but characters like Phoebe with mutator unlocked simply burst and do everything an assassin should really do better. I’m already used to abusing her uppercut that the quick melee thing became a counter I know about to abuse when I deal with Deande. Just quick melee her and run. She’s just so slow when to comes to running it’s a joke to see nearly every ranged char outsprint me after the Level 5 slow duration runs out.

The uppercut chain must continue to the point the other side is 100-0 or the assassination is a failure but if he other side has a mini-dash quick melee helix or a way to move in the air, you will never get to chain it. Kinda like Toby immediately using the booster out after the first uppercut.

Honestly I have never run into a issue using deande other than rath with his bs skills but there are a lot of things that could use improvement but to much improvement is going to break her as she already is pretty broken at times.

What pro does she have beside her survivability and uppercut chain?

Her range attack is not that accurate and too slow to be a good tool.

Going for a more balanced melee assassins in comparison,

Compared to Rath, his knock up with silence to a buffed Q slow to an ult spin will kill the other side faster than Deande can while inflicting more team damage. Sure he is a one trick pony but all it takes is one trick to win a fight with him.

Compared to Phoebe, her truestrike 2-hit combo mutator dealing 800 burst damage in around 1.5 seconds at level 5 can kill targets faster than Deande can because she only does 500 damage in the same amount of time to an uppercut. When she has her mutator for Phase reset unlocked, she becomes almost as hard to kill as Deande with the slow field and the Phase teleport preventing people from chasing her.

The only char you can really compare Deande to without feeling like you’re at a disadvantage is El Dragon who is having it really rough at the moment.

The uppercut is the only thing really good for her at the moment when it comes to killing a target, and even that can be countered by quick meleeing or using any sort of mid-air movement abilities. A lot of people I know that panick’d and complained about it at first completely forgot that quick melee is in a game and accept that they should have just used it. Ever had cases where Ambra stick her staff in the ground with her Solar wind and push you back? It’s exactly the case here. Quick melee is all it takes to stop her assassination completely.