Galiea loses weaknesses as her rank is leveled out-of-match. Fix her tree

This is one of the most perfect and the WORST design a character can have.

Before you say “Go play her”, here’s a result today from spamming her from level 1. 0 Gameplay experience with her as I’m a Benedict/Kleese main. Easiest win ever from just mashing left click in the middle of a team fight, get 2-3 kills and ult out to safety.

There is absolutely no counterplay in dealing with her.

What exactly are her weaknesses? Every time you level her and unlock her Mutation, she loses each of them to the point she has none after Character Rank level 7 where she obtains the last tool required to 100-0 in one stun with silence-pull to prevent reaction.

A helix tree is there because you want the players to choose, but there’s nothing to chose on Galiea. Most of the tree has “SUPER TOO GOOD” option that works in both PvE and PvP with too many worthless option to contest them. It’s time to rearrange her Helix tree and make her loses some of the strength she has and actually gain some weakness for the other side to deal with. Her current spike on each level are just out of control.



Outside the pull, this tree is fine. The pull is too good for a H1. It turns her desecrate into ult-tier material right from level 1.

Left: Shield throw bounce back to her with reduced cdr.
Right: Desecrate prevents healing
Mutator: Desecrate deals damage (Moved from H4. Ever since the nerf, the damage became bearable to deal with now. However, it’s on Silence Desecrate mutator, which completely removes the other choice from being useful. Tune down the number if it’s too high for a H1.)


Just as is cause it’s fine and have their own uses in different cases.

Left: Shield can bounce
Right: Shield prevent healing


It’s dangerous to go alone has too little counterplay for how powerful it is when it can easily be countered by having a healer in the team. Also, her corruption gain needs to be fixed. You can get it to full in a second. So much for having to build it up to the point it’s a joke it’s always full.

Left: Block gives corruption (read H5 adjustment)
Right: Galiea can now swing the 3rd time to do a complete 360 sweep. (Removed from baseline. Give her 3rd swing something else different as a base. Rath is crying how Galiea has it no matter what. It’s just so good I can still deal damage while holding left click and spin-to-win because Galiea has the best sword swing in the game.)


She now has to decide on the type of utility she wants on her desecrate.

Left: Heal on desecrate
Right: MS speed on desecrate
Mutator: Range increase on Desecrate (moved from H8)


Both of her non-mutator choice are worthless atm and needs tuning. Everyone just go Mutator once it’s unlocked because it’s too good compared to the other two.

First, we need to halve her current corruption gain. ATM, you fill the corruption bar from just doing a few swings and boom! Full! this makes ALL corruption gain related helix worthless because you never get to use them.

Left: +100% corruption gain and +50% corruption aura life steal(Reworked. The +4 health regen is cleary a joke option.)
Right: +35% Attack speed on full corruption (Moved from Mutator. Make it the real offense option for her)
Mutator: It’s dangerous to go alone with a few tweak. The bolt will now only fire on full corruption bar instead of full health. However, Every time you fire a bolt, you deplete 3% of your corruption bar. (3% 3% and 15% on spin-swing so you can swing up to 5 times before you run out of corruption bar)

By moving IdtgA to this level from a level 3, you give Galiea an option to choose between faster and stronger corruption, better attack speed or IdtgA that can deal huge damage after a few seconds into the fight.

Faster and longer corruption will help with overall passive and survivability (Better than the health regen)
35% attack speed steroid will become the consistent option to pick
IdtgA now has a restriction for how it can be used but offers less room for derp pen counterbuild.


This is fine.

Left: Desecrate Duration
Right: Shield throw gives regen


This is fine.

Left: Blocking might reflect
Right: +Damage on greatsword without shield


This will become the new CC Spike tree. Having it on 3 random spots is like giving someone broken CC chain wombo combo. They all need to be contained in one tree where they can be evenly contested unlike the current state where they are all “Best choice”

Left: add the 50% slow to desecrate (Buffed to 50% to compete with the other two)
Right: Add a silence to desecrate (Moved form H4)
Mutator: Add a pull to desecrate (Moved from H1)


This is fine

Left: More damage on shield throw
Right: More MS on shield throw


This is fine

Left: Bigger ult area
Right: Ult instant for corruption (Actually a good choice now with reduced corruption gain rate)


Even with this proposed nerfed reworked tree, Galiea will still be a strong zone control CC fighter with option to go 100-0 assassin or go control route. What is needed is that she needs to be introduced to what is called “Decision Making” and “Game Pacing” instead of just picking the completely overpowered non-contested choice. A char that is a product of a messy tree turning her into a control assassin tank warrior melee range type char with a bunch of wtftags in her role shouldn’t be left as such in her current design where balancing is impossible.



Very nice reworked helix tree here. I think it might be a bit too drastic but there were two ideas that I loved here:

(1) Dangerous to go Alone needs to be based on the corruption bar

(2) Subsequently corruption needs to be harder to gain. These two combined makes for a good dynamic imo.

As someone who fights Galilea a ton I think her biggest problem is those ranged bolts. Too much damage for what she can already do.

This is a pretty good rework. I think her ranged melee should just flat out be removed but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I agree it should be based on corruption and should only fire once corruption is filled up to max and then drain it off. I would also suggest that the range on it be greatly reduced so that it only travels like 10-15 meters.

This is the best suggestion I have seen regarding Gali on the forum. Removing spin attack by default and putting most of her too good to have at same time uogrades into one helix levels will keep her a bit more in check and will prevent her from leveling so damn fast from get go.
She’s pretty strong on lvl1, but once you get a few levels, she just spins out of control. Add to that that she has a lot of tools to increase damage output (corruption, helix, gear) she just snowballs.
I would say that after such changes she might still be too tanky for the dps she has, but it should be bearable.
Good job for thinking this through.

Mixed feelings. Some of your reworks aren’t bad at all, but it’s obvious that this was designed to specifically combat the pull-and-silence maneuver. That being said, a big reason why I feel partially negative about your proposed tree is because by doing these modifications, you throw a wrench in all the other potential strategies. For example, by moving the desecrate damage helix down to H1 with the shield retrieval, you’ve already ruined a method that I actually favor quite strongly.

I have never tried the pull and desecrate, but by losing my desecrate damage (i.e. selecting Herald’s Return), I can no longer multitask on the battlefield. (For example, I can’t lay down desecrate to damage minions in Incursion while I deal with other enemy players - similar to how Thorn’s Blight can be used.) On the flip side, if I choose to make my desecrate deal damage (which, if I’m reading correctly, would be reduced in your tree?) then I lose the ability to get my shield returned on a successful landing. This is another perk that I heavily rely on, for obvious reasons.

Now, that being said, you do have some acceptable proposals here, and her tree wouldn’t be completely ruined at all, but the thing with Galilea is that her skills and abilities play off of each other, so even the slightest rework has significant consequences, for all of her play styles.

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I wish they would put her base damage back to where it was and just get rid of those stupid bolts.

Wtf thats not fair your trying to removed al her strengths!

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