Galilea a bit overpowered?

I’m not to sure that if galilea is balanced or un balanced it is hard to tell.

she can stun using shield, she can create a sphere that steals hp from the enemy if they are inside the sphere.
She also has the ability to stomp on the ground creating cracks in the ground and will stay for 8 seconds, if there are enemies on that area she deals more damage to that person.

i don’t know but every time I try to fight a person and they are using galilea its so frustrating.

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Galilea is easy :slight_smile: make her waste her skills. Many players will try to stune or desecrate inmediatly, all you have to do is use a cc and run away.

She is territorial and forcé her to move away weaks her skills, if she miss with her shield and is out of your desecrate she is pretty screw

… So more Gals is overpowered post…yay :unamused:

If you fight her on her terms, you usually lose.

If you force her to fight on your terms, you can often win.

It’s just that simple. - Rendain


Her corruption deals paltry damage.
I believe you mean desecrate? It just increases damage to everyone inside of it. Like a melee priority target.

From the sound of it, you haven’t encountered Galilea much, or you haven’t played as her yet. The first time you encounter someone who is good at a given character, you’re bound to get steamrolled because you don’t know how to counter them.

The first time I fought a good Toby or Pendles, they turned me into mashed potatoes.

Only thing wrong with Gali is desecrate. They need to rework it again. 1 button to cause 3 types of CC and a debuff to multiple targets is just not balanced.

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This, so much this. Same goes for Kleese. I’m going to quote this every time I see more of these threads.

Kinda she is way too bloated, and while yes it is true that fighting her without her desecrate works, she can have a pull, silence, maybe something else and damage amplification

A good pendles is what I like to think myself as (hopefully)

All of which have been nerfed already so it’s not a death sentence to be stuck in her desecrate.

The return of the OP Galilea posts! CURSES!


Kinda is if they have some gear, wasn’t only 1 of those nerfed

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I agree that she has a surplus of CC and damage for a “defender”. A good Galilea player knows to stun you first, get an absurd amount of damage in, then the moment you begin retreating she pulls you back in with desecrate, which is also silencing you. What? Assassins such as Phoebe or Deande who usually have an out (phase gate Holotwin) are essentially feed bait for her.

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She’s getting a rework at some point. I don’t think they’ve gotten to it in the upcoming oatch. Her and Thorn in a couple of months

Total agree. I back to play this game and unbalanced as always.

There is one gal who is insane on pc. I’m pretty sure I never ever killed them. She’s crazy in multiples in chaos rumble.

What exactly are her counters?

Kleese, KU (atleast i murder galileas making bolas ricochet behind her), ernest, benedict, OM, sometimes thorn.

Basically anyone with shield penetration hélix or aoe. Keep your distance, if she targets you kit her around to make your team and buildables dmg her and forcé a retreat.

Edit: marquis, thorn and toby can hit her head when her shield is up. So she is slow and you can crit.

Kleese does a good job of keeping her at bay in Incursion and Meltdown as long as he plays defensively. Not really much he can do besides contribute with the taser if he overextends or it’s a capture map, because he’s an easy target for a stun. Other decent counters are high-health characters (Boldur, Montana, Attikus), because once you get her shield down her damage is sort of miserable. Anyone else that wants to engage her needs to either have backup, or needs to outplay her with CC.

People like to think shield pen is a counter, but it really isn’t any more. I get 49 health regen while attacking something after level 5, and 70 after picking up my shield. I can simply out-regen any penetrating damage unless you are an ulting foxtrot (in which case you might as well just melt my shield).

No, she is not OP. CC her and / or hit her minumum four players and you will see she fall. xD sarcasm. Yeah of course she is a very little OP (details). I read Kleese can frustate her but think a little not all the time certain character will be in a party to counter other, always think about in that detail ( by the way, Klesse has certain details also). The stupid shield must be have more cooldown after fall because players abuse put this all the time.

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