Galilea, Alani, and Ambra love triangle?

or are they just friends

It’s complicated. But whatever is there is more on the friends, former friends and hoping to be friends side of things.

Do you care about spoilers?

Ambra hates Galilea
Galilea ignores Alani
Alani hates Ambra
Ambra hates Alani
Alani wants to be very, very close friends with Galilea
Galilea hates Ambra

Not much love, but keep in mind that Galilea and Ambra used to be friends. Addtionally, Alani and Galilea are both modified Helicians, and Ambra and Galilea are both (mostly) Sustained. They’re also all incredibly powerful


Expanding on @epicender584’s post:

Ambra and Galilea were once very good friends, when Galilea infiltrated the Jennerit Imperium. Some speculate as to them being more than friends. When Galilea attempted to destroy the Sustainment Engine, Ambra found out and attacked her. Long, painful story short, the worst enemy one can have is someone who used to be a friend.

Alani has a major crush on Galilea, likely due to the fact that they are both Helicians (which is a fairly uncommon race if memory serves). Galilea pretty much ignores her, however. Alani also really, really hates Ambra due to her role in the (quite literally) boiling of her home planet, Akopos.


Kind of friends: Gali and Ambra are former friend now allies watching each others back. They seem to get along well enough. Alani is looking for a friend and looks up to Gali, because she is a powerful Helician. So, basically a “notice me sempai” character(she doesn’t notice her). Alani and Ambra respect each other’s abilities, but they don’t like each other.

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I don’t think Gali and Ambra actually hate each other anymore.

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zactly. So what if Ambra and Galilea formally loved eachother, and now that Alani loves, hates the fact that they were former lovers, therefore Ambra has a better chance, and Ambra hates that Alani likes Gal, and Gal can’t decide

I don’t think Ambra ever truly hated Galilea, she just felt very betrayed. Her saving her life shows there’s still something there. I have no idea what Galilea’s status concerning Ambra is. You’re most likely right, but I’m just going to go off of the past unless I find proof

I used to think there was something going on. But when Jythri was asked about potentially LGBTQ characters, none of these three came up. My strong suspicion is that none of the three are, or have been, romantically interested in each other.

I have a feeling we won’t see explicitly same-sex content in this game. I still hold out hope for a throwaway reference to Mellka having an ex-GF or something (which would make me happy enough to cry tbqh), but considering the way she’s being developed, probably never going to happen.

You could always try asking @dante_d_silva but I have a feeling it’s outside his realm of knowledge.

Shayne is a lesbian. And Reyna is bi. Melka is undetermined(my guess is Pan-sexual)

Wait, this is CONFIRMED? When was THIS?

The AMA - Kitru and I were the ones who coaxed it out of Jythri. Shayne was confirmed gay, Reyna bi, and Mellka queer/questioning (basically she’s only concerned with violence right now.)

But until it’s actually in the game, I don’t know if we can put much stock in it.

I demand Shayne get’s gay quotes in the next update

Ah, i see. Cool. Thanks for the info, as that will DEFINITELY affect the RP thread.


Violence can be sexual.



idk, something bout carpets, something directed towards another female battleborn, something about women ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Please no.

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ok :frowning: