Galilea and why she is being called OP

Lets start of with the basics. her shield whether she is throwing it or blocking with it the utility of this piece of her gear is a little too high. Blocking 1000 damage seems a little high for someone who uses it more as a offensive tool then defensive. Next, I saw the hot fix notes that were dropped recently and i don’t know if they are active or still pending but i have noticed no difference in her damage… what so ever and highly doubt that damage will change the issue. We move on to skills and her kit. Lets list the CC in the game currently. 1. Slow 2. Silence 3. Stun 4. Pull 5. Juggle 6. Blind
How many of those does Galilea have… Half. Not to mention a unique De-Buff called Wound which shuts healing down on a target. Her CC’s have range and AoE affect. Allowing here to hit multiple targets and with out even actively targeting them. Her Desecration Field comes with the base ability to cause targets to take more damage, plus adding pull, silence and wound on-top of this makes this skill easily on of the most imbalanced moves i have seen in a game ever. Last and not least, her ultimate that allows her to become invulnerable to ALL abilities after activation, provides health regen And does damage in an area around her. Any kelvin player begs for just the invulnerability in Sublimate.

P.S. She can get a ranged attack to as a melee character. (Find me another melee only char who unlocks a ranged ability in their helix)

No i do not want her nerfed out of existence and no i do not want everything i have listed nerfed. I honestly believe the solution to this is removing the silence and pull on Desecration Field. The silence lasts to long and procs multiple times if you enter and exit the radius and its an area of affect attack… that alone shouldn’t let it have CC on it.

Just honest opinions as someone who wants to see the game prosper, Thanks Gearbox

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Galilea is being needed. First stage is a hotfix mentioned here which has gone live:

Second stage will happen in a patch which should hopefully come next week, mentioned here:

So how long am i going to have to stop playing for Galilea to get in line with the rest of the chars

Just a side note but galilea isn’t invulnerable in her ult. I believe she simply takes reduced damage but no one tries to damage a black puddle on the ground. I know for a fact though that she can be knocked up, silenced and likely stunned out of her ult.

Not stunned i can guarantee that

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It’s easier if you just say this:

She’s OP because she has every skill in the game. Every one.

On top of that she has insane DPS.

I’m not trying to single you out specifically but its comments like these that blow how strong Galilea is out of proportion. Honestly Galilea is stupid hard to play without a dedicated support imho.

A lot of people recommend removing silence from desecrate or changing the stun to a slow or w/e but I think it would be an interesting change if they made it so Galilea can’t be haled by teammates while she is corrupted. Thoughts?

its going to have to boil down to pure stats on gearbox’s end because anyone who gets destroyed or dislikes the fact that galilea has every skill in the game and is both a ranged and melee attacker are going to complain about her being OP. While the people who love galilea are always going to say “plz stop no I like her”

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and Most of those status requires her to walk up to you with no gap closer, and drop a puddle that you can just walk out of. Galilea’s biggest counter is the W key. Apply your MMO teachings, don’t stand in the bad, it works.

Galilea is countered with decent map awareness and a little harass. She has the WORST Block in the game, Isic’s starts on par, can be better, and he’s a freaking ranged character. Boldur’s has twice as much HP as both of theirs (by default), he can move full speed while blocking, and when he runes up it starts healing him. ON TOP OF THAT, he has an awesome stunning gap closer that can give him an overshield, make you more vulnerable to damage, and trigger his passive. Isic ALSO has a stunning gap closer, A barrier on top of his shield, and did I mention he’s ranged? THEN, when Isic doesn’t need to be a wall of not die, he can turn into a slow moving siege tower with some of if not the highest dps in the game at any range.

Gal isn’t OP at aaaallll, just learn the game.

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For me it’s more like: Please no, don’t over nerf her like that. Rebalance her gently. Make changes but make them lightly and over a decent period of time.

Way too many games make nerfs that are so havy they end up breaking a character/gun/playstyle/etc.

I want her to be balanced as well but there are way more things to complain about than just Galilea. I personally have more trouble with Rath. What the actual ■■■■ are you supposed to do about a knockup silence followed by an insta kill spin to win ult that recharges every 40 seconds. There are only a few characters that can escape Rath’s ult alive after being silenced. You have even less of a fighting chance then going against Galilea.


Well that’s up to them to decide. If they nerf her to hell and back it’s not like you can blame a member of the forums. They’re the one with the numbers that need crunching.

Technically, if a character is nerfed to hell and back, he can blame the forums. These things serve as an article of evidence towards what does and does not need fixing. Game data and stats only provide half the equation; the developers need actual, insightful feedback from players that know what needs fixing.
On a personal note, I think Galilea needs some minor tweaking. Nothing too severe, but something noticeable. I think the main thing is that her shield needs to have its area of influence reduced from a sphere to a hemisphere in front of her, like how shields actually work, and that her silence should work once, then be incapable of affecting the same target again until a brief delay (Probably about 5 seconds or so).

Yea a character who can attack while sprinting. No changes necessary.

The developers have already mentioned they are gonna do two things.

  1. Remove sprint attack ability
  2. Crown control only applies once you use Desecrate and not for the whole duration.

I think it’s a good start and hopefully it will take her down from godlike levels.

I hope so as well. Though I would be more comfortable if shield effects that weren’t energy shields didn’t function like domes of invulnerability, as I’ve seen in actual images.

This is the only thing she needs imo. Makes her a high risk, high reward character.

Heck, take it a tad further; if she’s corrupted and not actively attacking, she takes damage. (Heck, it fits with her theme; I mean corruption doesn’t really sound pleasant. And she coughs a lot.)

Leave her as the top-tier bruiser she is now, but once she takes damage or dies she’s out of the way for a long period of time. tested, shes immune to aoe.
Also just saw a reddit post, apparently her shield blocks 1700 damage rather than 1000 so… there’s that

Gal player? Cuz if you weren’t you would never have typed that.

Personally noticed no change in Galilea since the patch! Still see her doing the same ridiculous things she was doing before…

Try leaving her field for two seconds. Do your skills come off silence? Try re-entering the field, can you still use skills?