Galilea Appreciation

As you may have guessed from the title - I really like Galilea! I think she is awesome, I love her play style, her skills, her look, everything.
However, I do think she may be slightly OP. I played through the Algorithm as Galilea with my brother playing as Benedict. The level was sooooo easy as Galilea, I was just ploughing through the enemy with no difficulty whatsoever. My brother got a bit fed up cause I took the majority of kills. I managed to single handedly take down the galactic emperor without losing any health. I had a blast doing all this but I can see how in PvP she is OP.
Another thing I love about Galilea is the reference to the Legend of Zelda in her helix. ‘It’s dangerous to go alone’ giving her beams of energy to shoot from her sword when at full health, just like Link in the legend of Zelda! A nod to a great series and a great ability! Well done Gearbox, you’ve made another awesome character!

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