Galilea Bug - Turned invincible on echelon

Hi guys!
i couldnt find a bug report forum besides the one for the open beta, so i post it here.

I just played a game on ps4 with galilea on echelon and at some point in the game i became immune to dmg. this was not intentional and i want gearbox to know about it. Ill try to upload the video and post it.

Video Link

I used the same item combination on other games before and it didnt bug out.


Edit Match ID: 20160619-4cc8bfc7-9182-416c-adda-5584317994dd

Not exactly invincible but rather god like damage reduction :open_mouth:

Was it like this the entire game or only after a certain point?

This is amazing :laughing:

But seriously, this seems like a buggy variable for Damage Reduction.
And given the fact that her ultimate gives DR by default, I can imagine this to be an error in stacking boni from your ult with those from your gear.

Would have been interesting to see whether using your ultimate would have reset your DR to the right value, but I guess using it wasn’t really necessary at that point.

It might be wise to add the match ID to make it easier for GBX to figure out what actually happened in that match :wink:

i dont want to add any more infos, because i get serious requests from people, that actually want to try that out to recreate it in games.

but adding the match id is a good point. ty for the input