Galilea can pull players through terrain... why?

It goes up cliffs and through walls. Why is that allowed again?

yup, but when I stand on a 2 milimeter ledge with deande and ult, nothing gets hit alto it’s right in the cone.

I’m thinking Galilea’s ability occurs in a bubble (outline is invisible) much the same as same as the big robot that has a blue shield that then stuns everyone does (there was a video where someone got outside a map on accident that shows the shield extending below the ground even though no one would ever get hit by that part). From what I can tell, Shayne and Aurox’s ULT acts in the same manner as I’ve put it on the shipping crate in front of one of the platforms before at the end of The Renegade, and it will pull up enemies that have already gone passed it and are on the ground. I believe Miko’s ability functions similarly as well.

Deande’s ability is most likely something that will only collide with whatever is in a straight line and on the same level as her. Again, its a pathing thing. If you’re on the ground and someone is on top of the stairs but in the ULT path, they’ll get hit. Reverse that though and Deande is at the top of the stairs and the enemies are on the bottom, I don’t think it tracks downward.

Not to mention the range is pretty ridiculous.

Look, she does WHATEVER she wants, because galilea, just roll with it until the nerfs.

The range of Desecrate is roughly the same size as her corruption field. It isn’t that bad at all.