Galilea Desecrate as Ult

I played gal throughout the beta and her nerfed form is not OP as some would suggest(i got shut down repeatedly by oscar mike). however, i do think her fully leveled desecrate ability is too strong to be an R1(ps4). i suggest reworking her desecrate to ult and her abyssal form(when she becomes a puddle of darkness) to R1.

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That actually makes a lot of sense to me, almost as if that was originally how it was meant to be. Doing this would require a lot of reworking her helix and honestly I think she would be on the weak side pre level 5 with her current damage output, but would have a really high tier escape in the rare chance her shield is gone or diminished. Pretty interesting idea anyway.

I’m still of the opinion that her energy bolt helix is the one thing currently making her DPS too high. Shield toss also deals way too much damage for a non-ultimate stun but it’s not a huge issue in comparison…

The problem is that abyssal form is such a useful escape, it can’t be that accessible, or else she would be too hard to kill, so that kind of needs the long cool down.

I seen a galilea abyss form into my trap when I was Ghalt, it took her right out of her ult.

I think her Ult is fine as a Ult. The ability to go under ground and sit under people who are hiding behind minions and unaware of the dot are the best.

Her desecrate ability is good but only so if you have people dumb enough to stand in it. And

i would support that change, although with a few other tweaks. the stun simply cannot remain. it needs to be a slow or silence much like phoebe. not with her mutations and even remotely decent attack speed stacked gear and attack dmg and skill dmg gear. the ult would need to be replaced as you have suggested. but the current ult would need to just go away and have right bumper be something else.

in her current state she is stronger than phoebe was even before her first nerf. she literally lacks nothing when pushing against all assassins or brawlers. can you kite her or range her? of course, but that is not an argument that justifies anything. any melee character they could even fathom could be ranged or kited. it really is an irrelevant point. the argument needs to be something like, “if she hits you with the shield, she must land a combo to stun you so you can just bait the shield and dance.” or, “phoebe and or rath also have a stun so it is balanced.” Neither scenario is true at the present state, so no argument is valid.

I fail to see why Rath and others need a stun or removing Galliea’s stun. Not all characters need to have the same moves. This is like saying that melee characters don’t have a cloak/decoy move like Deande.

Saying she lacks anything against all assassins is just wrong. Again, I will happily send my Deande after a Galliea.

If you are standing in her Desecrate your character is going to take increased damage, this is from all sources. So most of the damage you think is coming from her are just from increased damages from everyone.

again, then the galilea you are playing against on your deande is not very good. if the galilea is as good on galiea as you are on deande, you will lose a 1v1. the same can be said about rath, phoebe, and every straight assassin in the game. they are getting wrecked. does the desecrate help? of course. but you dont even need it. all you have to do is not use the shield from far away. a good gali just uses it while at melee range so immediately as it hits you she begins destroying you. there is no counter once you are stunned, regardless of whether you were just knocked up, knocked back, etc.

does everyone need the same kit? of course not. but there needs to be something comparable on assassin characters. by comparable i mean that it is a death sentence even when an average player uses it, because that is what galilea has.

I played Galilea heavily in PvP. Her stun feels fine to me as is. It’s the enemy players who just blindly rush me that are making her feel overpowered.

The shield is really hard to aim when your target knows to expect it and is moving erratically. 2 seconds stun is enough to finish someone but you shouldn’t open a fight with it. I feel like most of the people I mowed down during the beta just didn’t know what was going on, and people will get much better after we’ve had more than just a week to play. Near the end of the beta, people were getting much better at dealing with me. It was a LOT harder to stun people who didn’t foolishly rush me, and I had to play more like an ambush/opportunistic/flanking character to get kills in those situations.

My primary source of kills as Galilea was to fight someone until they attempt to flee, and THEN use the shield on them when they turn their backs to run. Most players would heavily overextend and flee when it was too late. If you’re facing off against Galilea, keep your distance. If you see the shield in her hand, the closer you get the more screwed you are. Make sure you’re not moving in a predictable line. Do not close to melee range with her unless she’s low on health, has no idea you’re there, or if you’re confident that you can take a shield to the face and still kill her.

She’s not going to hunt you down all over the map if you keep your distance. She’ll wait for you to make a mistake and capitalize on it.

I have been stunned by Gallieas shield throw a few times and it is not a death sentence 1v1. Not even once, even as a squishy character; thorn, I throw bliss at my feet and jump away, as Deande I just use Decoy; instant escape or her other ability that causes knock back. Now let’s say they pick the silence option for Desecrate, they have to ST me, close the gap, then cast Desecrate, Galliea can’t attack and cast it at the same time, by this time I am awake and already moving out of the silence AOE.

Anyone else get a 2 second stun on a standard skill? Cant be harder to aim than Axe Toss, which is easier to aim than Bolderdash, a 1 second stun. On the plus side, Boldur/Montana’s dash can stun two enemies if they collide, on the DOWN side they can also not stun at all. Shield toss is most effective as a surprise skill, which makes her super strong at ganking, like an assassin. I think if Gali’s have any trouble at all from people “learning how to counter her” its because those people probably face her in every match, all day and shes certainly not that popular because of her personality.
@rsquires82 then they did it wrong? Her damage is confirmed insane or the shield was thrown from too far away.

I don’t think it would be an issue with her being overpowered while in her desecration zone, but I think she should not have as much power outside of it. The shield should stun inside the zone. Outside, have it slow and knock back. Have all her toys in the zone, but just have her be a competent defender outside of it. I think people wouldn’t mind that. That being said, I think her desecrate zone should be a black fire, and have an effect of black flame around the peripheral of the characters when they are in it. Make it known that you are about to get hurt if you don’t leave, as is, I think it’s not as noticeable as it should be.

Ok, I can see she ST causing to much damage, so remove it, I only use it to stun ults or those running away. Also adding a knock back to it would be counterproductive to her. She needs to close the gap on targets, not push them away. I believe removing the stun from her ST will break her foundation if she has no way of closing the gap.

Also making her desecrate more noticeable would be a good idea as people love to just walk into it and not realize they are taking heaps more damage because of it.

I wonder if the Capture and Hold game mode will just make the Gali play even more annoying, since you have to capture the point so you cant really avoid a Territorial character. Some of the more nimble characters seem to gain a lot more mobility in maps with more verticality as well. Definitely makes some picks much more ideal than others.