Galilea Discussion

I laughed so hard in my mind that i’m in tears. Kudos to you good sir.

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I think she will be the anti Miko battleborn. Her passive makes people take damage over time while she steals health.

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Is Galilea anyone else’s go~to pvp character?

she looks real promising, I really want to try out her lvl3 skill;

IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE (which totally isn’t a zelda reference)
While Galilea’s health is full, swinging her Greatsword unleashes a ranged blast of energy. +133 Damage

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Realistically though I wonder with her healing factor how often that will be available.

The healing skill (lvl4) is under the Desecrate ability which has an cooldown timer of 26sec

+60 healing per second for the duration of Desecrate which lasts 8 seconds: 60x8=480 maximum health
At LVL6 there is a skill to extend Desecrate with 3 seconds: 60x11=660 maximum health

How much health do heroes have at LVL6 ? By looking over some old multiplayer gameplay footage most heroes reached lvl6 here are the numbers on their health gauges. Some are a approximate guesses, but it is look and see how effective Galilea could potentially heal. (btw. there also has been some balancing done, so don’t take the numbers as facts)

Ambra +/- 1074
Benedict +/- 1024
Boldur +/- 2000
Caldarius +/-1346
ISIC +/- 1440
Marquis +/-1100
Mellka +/- 1200
Miko +/- 1580
Montana +/- 2300
Orendi +/- 1155
Phoebe +/- 1345
Rath +/- 1176
Reyna +/- 1355
Thorn +/- 1345

Removing the 2 highest and the 2 lowest makes an average of 1304,2 Health
1304,2 : 660 = 1,9760606060606060606060606060
So Galilea can restore a half health gauge of most heroes.
Galilea is a hero that does support as a side job on weekends. She is capable, but she is an more offensive character. Think of her as the opposite of Miko. Miko is more support (heal) focus and also knows how to attack, Galilea is more attack focus and also knows how to heal.

In a battle playing as Rath, if i start an encounter with CATALYTIC SMASH i can “end” the fight with that same ability (pre-ultimate skill spamming). CATALYTIC SMASH has an cooldown of 17 seconds. As Galilea’s DESECRATE has an cooldown of 26 seconds, it looks like you can bring this skill once too every “big” encounter (moving from 1 lane to the other).

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And thankfully, seems to be not as annoying as Phoebe :acmferro:

I think she will be a hold the fort battleborn

I didn’t even read the name of the skill, but it reminded me of the first zelda game when I read it, good to know gearbox is keeping the references

Was looking through some of the new incursion videos and saw this new Galilea skin


Getting a bit of a Captain America vibe!! Can’t wait to see all the skins.

Galilea gameplay from a youtuber I’m sure a lot of people on the GBX forums are familiar with:

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I actually really really like this skin.

Also I saw the gameplay for Galilea and I must say that it’s ok. It is exactly what I expected. I didn’t particularly see anything as “overpowered” in the footage, except it was funny to see Shayne and Aurox give Galilea so much trouble.

Love the skins but im still sat here hoping for ones that change the look more and even add new animations and dialog! something that needs to come in the future for a MOBAesque game :stuck_out_tongue:

But as i said, i still like pallet swaps :wink:

I’m hoping that Skins in Battleborn would not end up being just change of colors. If you saw the skins inside of Overwatch, most of them are literally a different characters but with the same purpose.

In bl2 most of the skins were just pallet swaps, but near the end they started adding more unique skins, especially with the head hunter packs. I doubt the skins will be that different from the base character, but it’d be nice to see some more unique skins, like the ones included in the head hunter packs.


They’ve said there will be both color swaps and some degree of model changes. The problem they argue against drastic changes is the hitbox so don’t expect drastic skin overhauls. Robo versions would be neat though as a side thought.

I would love to have a robot version of Marquis


I could not agree more. Robo-marquis is a must