Galilea Discussion

Galilea gameplay from a youtuber I’m sure a lot of people on the GBX forums are familiar with:

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I actually really really like this skin.

Also I saw the gameplay for Galilea and I must say that it’s ok. It is exactly what I expected. I didn’t particularly see anything as “overpowered” in the footage, except it was funny to see Shayne and Aurox give Galilea so much trouble.

Love the skins but im still sat here hoping for ones that change the look more and even add new animations and dialog! something that needs to come in the future for a MOBAesque game :stuck_out_tongue:

But as i said, i still like pallet swaps :wink:

I’m hoping that Skins in Battleborn would not end up being just change of colors. If you saw the skins inside of Overwatch, most of them are literally a different characters but with the same purpose.

In bl2 most of the skins were just pallet swaps, but near the end they started adding more unique skins, especially with the head hunter packs. I doubt the skins will be that different from the base character, but it’d be nice to see some more unique skins, like the ones included in the head hunter packs.


They’ve said there will be both color swaps and some degree of model changes. The problem they argue against drastic changes is the hitbox so don’t expect drastic skin overhauls. Robo versions would be neat though as a side thought.

I would love to have a robot version of Marquis


I could not agree more. Robo-marquis is a must

Smaptain Smamerica


I have a question about one of Galilea’s lore challenges. By 100 Jennerit enemies, does it mean 100 Jennerit players or 100 campaign Jennerit.

I did it in campaign, but it might be both.

I think the challenge to unlock Attikus works the same way, as well as one of Caldarius’s lore challenges. There are probably others as well.

The Thrall enemies in the story missions count as Jennerit enemies for these lore challenges.


Thank MentalMars. Rescued yet another from ignorance.

I really wish I had some gameplay to share but it’s only a matter of time after the release until she gets a Nerf.

It’s dangerous to go alone is an amazing and possibly game breaking skill. Put that together with attack speed and another bonuses and she becomes a monster as long as she’s at full health. She probably has some of the highest (non ability) dps in the game.

Put her together with a Miko and its game over. I was standing at the door of the enemy spawn in incursion TAUNTING and they still couldn’t kill me XD

While I suppose this is true, Galilea has probably THE most uncomfortable “boob plates” of ANY character in the game (and honestly I’d be hard pressed to name another video game character with a more uncomfortable and painful plate armor “breast plate” design, which I guess is quite the achievement…).

I mean FFS - “boob plates” on plate armor ONLY exist in video games - do you have any idea how much that would HURT in real life!?
“Realistic” plate armor crafted to accommodate female anatomy would just have additional space along the entire upper front part of the torso… >_<

As for her skin tone, well… I really like the Draenei race from the Warcraft universe, so I am obviously quite “biased” when I say that I like it! XD

Her helmet design clearly looks like it took some inspiration from Samus’ power suit from the Metroid series as well (as do her pauldrons).

The way she stands in the menu is UNGODLY terrible though - that is NOT a braced stance. She may as well just have one leg for how balanced that stance would make her - I’m quite sure the wind blowing would topple her over… >_<

Her skirt is a bit of a half-assed lazy effort, though, as it’s quite clearly just Phoebe’s skirt with either some vertices removed, or more likely just with an alpha mask placed onto the mesh’s texture…

Her shield is a bit gimped off of the design that Boldur uses as well, especially in the first person view.
…And speaking of Bolder, she PLAYS like they made a copy of him, then made enough changes to not be called a “clone”! n.nU

…But despite that, she’s my second favorite character after Thorn. I seriously laugh my ass off everytime I select her helix “It’s Danger to Go Alone”! XD

Also, if anyone wanted to hear it (and doesn’t mind spoilers), I got her audio log unlocked during the Open Beta (also two text lores as well).

Just bear in mind this may have changed since then (I don’t even have her unlocked again yet - only “minion robots” seem to count towards her unlocking challenge):

I still get chills every time I listen to this! n.nU

(Video is very quiet - may wanna turn it all the way up, and also is set as unlisted.)

Hey guys 1 little question i am maining Galilea but did Not figure out which item is the right one. Im speaking of her passive which grants you an life draining Aura. Does the effect Stack more with “healpower” items or “increased healing items” my opinion is increased healing but maybe it counts as heal… Pls help


I recall actually getting a clear answer on the “Heal Power” stat back in the CCT from one of the devs (or someone on the “inside” at least).

They said something like "It increases healing, but not healing done to yourself).

…Unfortunately this is STILL unclear in some situations, such as does this mean it DOES affect YOUR Sunspots when plays AS Ambra and they heal YOU? >_<

About the gear though, I’d pick a “health regen per second” one, and an attack speed one. I’m still kinda “meh” on what my 3rd one should be through lol.

I think it would be healing received, if anything at all. I’m still not sure whether that works, but my guess is that it would.