(Galilea)/ general skill bug (ps4)

i tried galilea for the first time in story today, and at some point in the story mode her Desecrate skill would not activate the cooldown just stayed 0.0.
i tried dying and such to get it to rework but to no avail. Is this a glitch? or is there some part of her system i am not getting?:mask:

Sounds like glitch. Seperate note, I’m getting tired of the endless burning to death glitch on Archive (character acts like they are on fire taking dot and grunting in the second half). Nothing fixes it if it happens, really annoying.

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thank you i dont play her often so i wasn’t sure. i think i heard about the fire glitch in the beta.
hopefully they will fix these more “rare” bugs that dont seem to happen often :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I had the same thing happen with… I don’t remember who, it may have been gali. It’s a rare one, but it happens. Thanks for posting it, increases chances of devs seeing it. I had one where Kleeese got stuck in black hole animation, which skill locks him. I had to run off a ledge to fix it -.-

Dying actually should fix this one, since all debuffs are cleared at death.


thank you all for helping me confirm this bug i edited the thread title a bit. and @kennysded not knowing it could happen to others very strange :mask: