Galilea healing desecrate helix no longer working

So the brand new patch just came out today and they nerfed the hell out of galilea but they also created a bug with her because when you use desicrate and have chaotic infusion (witch heals allies and you when your standing within desecrates fields ) it no longer heals anyone iv tested this with my friends and they got no healing what so ever and i know she can be an op character but still that docent mean one of her helix skills should be broken so she cant heal herself and allies

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Same here. Tried it on two matches and it’s not healing anyone.

tried it again at 8:37am mt 5/24/2016 and it still not working at all.

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Doesn’t it heal entirely or is there a short heal upon activation? The nerf to Desecrate was, that most of it upgrades now only trigger upon activation and not over the entire duration of the field…maybe the healing upgrade slipped under the nerf unintentionally too.

it docent heal at all even upon activation i still get no health at all

That’s make sense.
Easiest fix might be to make it trigger a set amount of Health/Gain.
Not sure if that affects Heal Power/Healing Received gearing or not.
Even with that fix it would affect sustained healing.

I actually like support healing with her in PvE a lot, although if there are more healing characters in the game, like Alani, it might be worth looking into full build options on Gearbox’s side.

yeah it sucks because its basically a worthless helix upgrade and i have tried alani and shes pretty good from what i experienced

Well, at least we aren’t playing Boldur.
He’s having Helix issues as well with Axe Pickup triggers on skills not happening when his Axe Explodes.

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I was hoping I wasn’t the only one. I tested it in story mode because in pvp I usually stand near a tier 3 healing station with my own health regeneration and super heal myself and allies so we don’t have to run to base and be safe for 18seconds since I’ll be without that skill. I always pay attention to my health with her since she barely has any of it… plus I like making people think I’m going to die only to ult and kill them with the double DOT damage then run away or possibly die if I stayed near them in my ult too long. Also there was a bug already. Heal power or healing received never changed the numbers of her healing helix.

we need to tweet this out at gearbox or something like that so they notice it because right now that helix skill is completely useless

It’s probably worth noting which platforms this is happening on. Mine is on PS4 and is happening on story maps and competitive maps.

same on ps4

Ain’t no other system to play this on cept ps4 lol I kid. Mine is on ps4 aswell. Please I need my character fixed. Loved her before I knew how strong she was. Soon as she was revealed.

Don’t you mean it never worked from the start that and wound from the shield never preventing healing.

wait what are you trying to say?
were talking about galilas desecrate ability and how it wont heal her

Whoops I miss read that sorry

Glad I’m not the only one, do we know if Gearbox knows about this yet?

well i pretty sure they dont because of the new hotfixes that came out because the new fix didn’t fix it sooo yeah idk we should tweet at them or something

I haven’t noticed this so far, since I rarely spec into this helix.
But stay calm, Gearbox probably already know about this, since you are talking about it on their official forum. :wink:

(Just to be sure, maybe @JoeKGBX could confirm that they are aware of this.)

ok thanks man

+1 .They Probably lumped the healing into the nerf. Also they should relabel the description of desecrate to show the field only does anything on activation.