- Galilea helix problem

  • Anyone else notice that one of her helix mutations say that the enemy will be pulled in as she uses desecrate ?

  • Instead of pulling in, it’s pushing away…now why would I push enemies away from AoE skill !?

If the enemy is at the edge of Desecrate when you use it they’ll sling-shot behind you, perhaps this is what you’re experiencing?

I’ve noticed this too. I don’t have any problem with it when pulling enemy battleborn, seems to work as intended. However, pulling npcs they often go flying away. I think they are actually getting pulled in really fast and then bounced off of my character.

I agree with @Sukeban. Used it once for PvE and NPC enemies are inconsistent thrown about. Sone will get pulled in really fast, collide with Gal’s model, and bounce away completely negating what was intended. I have also seen instances where you see the enemy being pulled but they move all of 2 inches, as if stuck on something that isn’t there. I haven’t tried it in PvP though.

Works fine against battleborn but yes pve enemies just collide and bounce back but at least they are stuck where hey are for a second and I kinda like the pseudo stun effect it has.