Galilea helix question

Hey, does anyone know if “heralds return” (the one hat returns the shield if u make contact with an enemy), activates “forsaking others” (the one that increases her health regen when you recover the shield)… Or is it only when you literally pick the shield up off the floor? It seems to proc the health regen me when it flies back to me, but I can’t tell if that’s just health regen from corruption… Or does corruption only do health regen if enemies are nearby? If so, then I’m almost positive herald and forsaking synthesize which would be amazing…

It does work together iirc.
… and corruption is lifesteel, so it won´t work without enemies nearby.

edit: what won´t work together is bounce and auto return!

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I always thought these two wouldn’t work together, so I considered them mutually exclusive picks.
I definitely have to test this out though. Would be amazing if it worked.
Although I have to say, I’d consider Vortex (Helix 1 Mutation) superior to Herald’s Return in most scenarios.

It works I just never use the heralds return because I pick the later bonus damage when without the shield so I can shield toss and follow up with some heavy attacks before picking it back up. Also shield auto returns when shield toss cool down is complete so if you can’t find your shield after tossing don’t sweat you will get it back shortly

Great tips guys, seems the build options are well laid out! I can see the no-heal option being worth it in pvp, though I tend to be a bit gung-ho so having my shield to absorb some damage is probably more suiting for me.