Galilea Help Post-Update

So Galilea was never a favorite of mine (always felt just too cheesy to use, and I could never get the hang of her)

Recently I’ve tried her out and she seems SO much better (and I love the new tankiness of her)

So I am asking for help how to build her/how others build her. Do you keep up the more offensive aspects of her build/gear or go fully defensive?

I’m thinking about a bit of a mix as it seems she really does shine with extra health and damage reduction.

My gear might be something like this:

This allows her to take more damage/regen shards, regen health and tank through some CC chaining, but still stack corruption after throwing her shield.

As for the build:

  1. Either vortex or wound depending on enemies. leaning towards wound.
  2. I don’t like either of these but probably wound on shield.
  3. IDTGA is so popular but I never trust I’ll stay up at full health, leaning towards corruption on blocking.
  4. One of my biggest conflicts- dealing great AoE damage while adding slow and wound or allowing her to stay in battle longer with 30% damage reduction.
  5. I’m not sure attack speed is worth it anymore so i’m leaning towards health regen with corruption(synergizes with #3 corruption on blocking)
  6. Definitely longer desecrate
  7. I don’t love the RNG of mirror knight, will almost always take more attack damage in desecrate
  8. Another conflict- I’m playing her as more tanky/defensive/support so i’m leaning toward 30% wound, but the 8% damage amp still looks so good.
  9. probably increased movement speed? don’t care much for this one
  10. I’d almost always take pitch black (especially if taking corruption that adds health regen).

So overall the gali I am thinking about is no longer a 1 woman wrecking ball but with the right support she could avoid dying at all.

some of my other gear choices:

But some of these rely on not dying to be worth anything (which isn’t always guranteed)

This post was inspired by @alltheshinies video:

thanks for any input!


Full defense. Health regen on high. Damage reduction. Max health. Get the health regen on corruption. Go in, rek minion wave, shield up backing out don’t overextend under any circumstances as we stress not have an escape outside of ult, which has long delay. Never use ult offensively. Ever. Vortex is garbage imo. Wound if they have an effective healer (alani, Miko, KU, Ambra) shield return otherwise (makes health regen on shield return helix very helpful). I say never take skilled throw because of the shield return beauty regen, but I do sometimes. Nice on waves. I take damage reduction over heading with helix 4.

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