Galilea in good place?

Have been playing Galilea the last couple days for the first time ever. Got a few of her mutations expecting to just yoloswag 5v1 and I have to say…I’m pleasantly surprised at how well the recent nerfs have suited her. Just reading them you wouldn’t think it would’ve been enough, but to me, she’s in a good place balance wise. In the right hands or with a healer she can still wreck, but nothing like before. If she’s full health and full corruption watch out, but if she’s not her DPS is abysmal.

The 35% attack speed at full corruption and 77% dmg increase at full health MIGHT need to be tweaked a little bit, just due to how powerful she becomes when she has a pocket healer; but either way…well done GBX

What’s the consensus on her?

In some scenarios while playing her I found myself wishing I was Boulder.

Edit: if you’re still having trouble with Gali just run 1 shield pen item. This will neuter her, basically cutting her dmg in half.


i like where galilea is at in all respects except her shield, it seems that at low levels you cant kill her shield cus no ones doing enough damage. makes her really strong early and then about even later.

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I have no real problems with Gal. She’s has a mean toolkit at her disposal, but barring the shield she’s fairly squishy. You have to watch yourself when she’s around, but it’s not ridiculous.

I like where she is now. She’s still tough, still dangerous, but she’s no longer a 1 woman wrecking crew that can 1v5 the entire enemy team. Alani seems to have taken that title (seriously GBX, is balance that hard?) although I’ll see if the recent Alani health nerf puts her back in line . . . I’m not sure, but let’s see.

The whole pocket healer is a separate issue that I think calls for a Miko nerf. Miko just heals way too quickly and if he attaches himself to a partner, they just become an unstoppable wrecking ball that is hard to even burst down. If this game ever gets any kind of esports scene, Miko will be on every team, he’s just that good.

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She’s a bit weak until the anti-hero mutation then she’s about on par with the other sword melee’s.

Her silence is all but worthless now and even with the change to how the wound works its still more impactful than vortex.

Her silence is plain un-pickable now.