Galilea is not fun to go up agasint

me and my friend are to the point we will just quit the match at the start. she is so OP

im not good with fancy long walls of text my friend im talking to is able to rant of all of her OP abilities

but my point is when an entire team is shooting her and she still kills all of us, that is OP

last match i was in she was spawn camping outside our base and we could not fight her off


When you’re at half-health and stick rek 3 noobs… #justGalileathings

J/K She’s not so bad, but I could be biased since I like using her but tend to die a lot since my style with her is high risk

She’ll be retuned just like Ambra…id keep a look out for the firsr post-release patch.

i hope so my friend was so peeved with that match he had to stop playing for the night. and im still pretty peeved how she was spawn camping are base and any attacks we did was just immune immune immune immune

She does insane damage and can take insane damage… One of these things need to change or both need to be nerfed in some fasion… tell me why she is doing more damage than pure damage dealers when she is supposed to be a hybrid

look at these insane stats from a game…

and the fact a tank can 'ghostwalk"

Galilea + Miko = GG other team.

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A tank with 1200 starting HP.

A large part of her personal damage comes from the undisputed always grab: Dangerous to Go Alone Helix, which increases her damage by like 75% for as long as she’s at full health. Now, her aura gives her less sustain in itself than say, Rath or Ambra’s life steals, but it does keep her fairly topped off as long as she maintains her shields.

The other thing is her puddle, I mean, it sounds obvious, but don’t fight her in it. Most people do, and she laughs at you. Yes, it’s extremely powerful, but she does have to drop it, which takes time, she can only drop it over herself, which makes keeping track of it easier.

Yes, she does have a 1-2 combo of drop, stun, and facemash that almost always kills you, but it only works against one target while Benedict or Orendi can kill swaths of people from a respectable range, or Marquis can just pop one person from across the map.

Her Ult is also, not as good as people think? It gives her another layer of passive for a little while, while making her take less damage. It’s essentially a self heal that’s highly dependent on nearby enemy count, which means taking a larger risk to get more out of it.

Does she need tuned down? Yeah sure, but I’d hate to see the only currently RELEVANT melee character made irrelevant, especially when people are still learning how to counterplay and build.

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Translation: i main her and like melting faces, its fun… Please dont nerf my main hero…


benedict kill swatches of people from range.

I main as benedict and that is not true, his rockets are just too slow,

his primary role in PVP is best used to get rid of mins at range with his blast radius. and pick off people from the sky above the person with his rockets. he is anything but a range character against another human. he has to be pretty close.

back on topic. rath I thought was OP for a while but now against a Galilea he is a cakewalk compared to her. i rather face a team of rath alone than have 3 vs one galilea

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Actually, I don’t? Just because I can make a thorough analysis of a character doesn’t mean I play them primarily. I also primarily pay PvE where, who cares about balance? Fun is fun! :smiley:

Also note: I said I wanted her nerfed. I do in fact think she is too good in too many catagories, but i don’t want to see her get the same treatment Ambra did, who is now nigh on useless. Especially when it feels the scope of the game has a horrible biased towards range as is. Rath and Phoebe seem to just struggle compared to most while Thorn and Oscar Mike can murder from most any range.

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She may be a little OP. But really just a little imo.

Her stun, the shield throw, is not the easiest skillshot to land. Not saying it’s hard, but against someone who’s aware of your presence and your skillset, he will expect the stun and move accordingly. And she bloc far less damage if she don’t have her shield / don’t walk to pick it up / miss it and don’t get the rebound.

Her Dark Zone is stupidly strong but at the same time really easy to avoid. It’s more a follow-up and zoning tool than anything else. But if you stay inside (It’s No heal + Perma Silence zone) Yeah you’ll die.
It’s also a bad solo follow-up skill. If you stun + zone you then lose 1 sec of DPS because that’s the cast time of the skill. I believe the stun is 1 second so you only get the chance to do one 3-hit combo then the enemy should sprint away and kite you because you have nothing left.
Of course the game is not about duel and usually when you get stun, you die pretty quickly assuming the enemy team can react to it. But then again, the zone it not needed in this case.

Her Ult is bad imo. Low damage and Low Heal. Something like 1sec cast time so not that great of a panic button. I find it pretty ‘Meh’ tbh.

I mean, she have a lot of counter play, you just have to know her kit and play around it. Try to avoid the stun at all price (something like 15 second CD). For god’s sake don’t ever stay in the static dark zone, that’s this most OP thing there is in the world and that’s why she does 1v3, but you just have to walk away 5 meter from it. Then she can’t do anything but block (Or not if she missed the shield throw) and retreat.

And finaly, she does a ■■■■■■■ lot a total damage that’s for sure. But you have to understand that total damage, while an important metric, also come without context. You can’t just compare total damage and draw conclusion. If it’s like any other Moba, some heroes will do more damage (Because Poke, DoT, Traps, that kind of stuff) while others less so (Burst heroes typically) and it’s balanced that way.

The context is that she does a lot a small AoE damage. That’s not really the damage that will kill you (It might, sometimes, but really burst at the right time is what kills people) but it still tick like crazy inside the minion wave and inside teamfight. That’s a lot of low threat passive damage getting added to the total at the end.

Passive damage aside, her single target 3-hit combo damage is really high. Maybe too much.

But for her DPS to top the chart, other DPS must be bad or new to the game. Pinguin guy, Thorn, ISIC and Oscar, to name a few, destroy her and the damage chart when played well.


Sad to hear man, she is not that op though. just cant 1v1 her at close range as you really shouldnt but keep some distance and she is fine. You may not finish her off by yourself but she shouldnt stay in for to long. Foxtrots stickys make short work of her with the right helix :slight_smile:

I’ve actually learned how to go toe to toe with Galilea as Shayne and win most of the time.
Buffarangs plus stunfetch plus over shield plus gravwell tag team equals goodbye gali

But yes I feel like her puddle was supposed to be a drop like Thorn or Marquis or Toby, not travel with her. So she has all the power and defense of a stonewall, but able to bumrush you which is bs

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When Galilea has her spell on you, you have no recourse but to stand there and take it. Having your skills totally stripped from you while she is hammering you is not acceptable. Same with the other characters. Leave the skills so that they can be used. Then nerfing might not be necessary


Boy oh boy is she BROKEN.


those that play her dont think she is broken XD

That’s the funny thing with Galilea “players”. They don’t need to think about anything… at all :v


I’m still waiting for “Orendi OP” threads

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Came here after a 20-0 Galilean on my team destroyed in melt down. Stuff like that makes a mockery of the supposed character roles in the game. She’s a tank but deals huge damage, stun, silence and has tons of defense and health. Looks like the only thing they forgot to add was healing other people. They need to invent a new designation for her character because calling her a tank is laughably underestimating.