Galilea is not op.. heres why

I play a lot of Galilea and love her but in playing her I found her fatal flaw and it’s very simple. press “B” or whatever melee is on Playstation not the right trigger melee if you’re a melee character and kite her. it will knock her back and she has no real escape or only her stun engade but you can easly avoid that by hoping and strafing nerfing her would make her unuseable, on the same not though they need to do something about chain cc have a harsh deminishing return like 80% reduction on any fallow up hard cc becuase stun in to miko is really nuts. really try four simple things, do not fight inside her aoe ground affect, press melee and knock her back when shes right up on you, and shoot her in her ult YES she takes damage when shes puddle form, and if you think she has sheild still just jump up and down while shooting her, good luck battle born.

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So, how does a melee BB counter her?

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Galilea is clearly the strongest character in the game and is WELL BEYOND the point of balance. I’m an old gamer, I’m competitive and tend to always be in the top 5-10% of a player base in pvp games like this. Why is she OP? Her kit is bloated to hell, that’s it, that’s why, she does too much. I feel her damage can be easily played around IF she loses the ability to completely gib whomever she hits with her q/e combo. Why are they always dead? Again, the kit.

What’s not a problem:
Her unmodified E
Her Q
Her Shield/bash
Her general damage potential

Why do I say the last one is not a problem? If you’re playing with and against skilled players, you’re probably looking at 3rd-5th damage despite your KDA ratio. Most squishies can spec defensively vs. melee, if they’re not doing so, they’re wrong, assassins and bruisers are just going to demolish them as soon as they close. I believe many middle mouse buttons allow squishies to fling themselves out of melee range by default or thru spec. (In other news, yes, middle mouse tends to be a melee attack for most characters)

What is a problem:
AoE three second silence + AoE slow
100% healing mitigation for 5 seconds via two sources based on spec
Her movement while during her melee chain (if the above two things aren’t changed this is also a problem)

Recap of what Galilea brings to the table:
AoE 100% healing reduction or Displacement (pull)/Slow/3s Silence/Damage amplify
Moderate to High Damage
Survivablity, the potential to counter play 1v1 when lower health
The ability to be a ranged melee while a full health

There wasn’t a lot of variance in speccing her once all helixes where unlocked, her 35% attack speed based off corruption level is an absolute no-brainer.

I feel the single biggest issue is her anti-heal. Case: I’m 1v3 and diving an enemy Miko, I hit my combo on her, if I’m not CC’d, she’s dead. If I have a significant level advantage, I may even kill more.

Galilea xp: Rank 14? Command lvl 47? Time played 40+ hours. Longest Galilea win streak 15-0.

Yes, she’s still overpowered vs disorganized teams in a brand new game. Rath is overpowered too…vs brand new players. I feel like even after this game is established her anti-heal is too strong.

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I have a feeling she’s supposed to be the Jax of this game. A 1v1 master carry that doesn’t play very well with others.

(Look up Jax in LOL, I feel like that was Gbx’s intentions with her, but she’s just too utilitarian.)

it knocks her back and allows you to lay more damages on her before she gets back in which case do it again and if you need to run it gives you that room

No. The knock back only makes you lose on damage. It’s only good for fleeing.

I would agree until you play heal heavy teams and realizes she’s really your only counter to healing and a lot of BattleBorn characters to really don’t rely on healing to do there thing, you touched on what I’m saying though shes a new player crusher for sure but if you want the Pull you give up aoe heals if you want the cooldown for her bread an butter shild you give up your otherwound leaving no healing removal and if you take both you HAVE to make the opening fight count or your shafted for 15 secs if they realize stay out of currupt zone which is easy with its delay activate, and dont fight after she shields you or misses and is now in the thick of it with nothing.

remember I’m not saying she’s not strong but oscar mike in the right hands is better and will do more and pretty much outplay her every time. not to menchion if you stun her or more than one person turns on her un like most tank characters she has only on good engage and a pretty crummy escape when you play aganst her with a real team she has to go to deep for a kill and had pretty bad wave clear unless you go ranged great sword and or use up you r currption and she has to be in the thick of the minion to fight them if a orendi or a Oscar Mike aoe while shes tring to wave clear and one person ccs her shes dead.

okay if a melee character is further away from a ranged character and has to run straight at them to do damage who’s going to be doing more damage during that time. See? If you knock her back then lay into her while kiting back then do it again and agaion when she gets in close you have that fight on lock.

You’re right, 1v1 an Oscar Mike can beat Gal, you chase, he propels back, AoE’s on top of him, if he ults, gal ults, runs away, LoS’s, waits out her cooldown…if she hits her shield when it comes back up from range (cooldowns have come back up) OM is dead. If she misses, she’s probably dead. TBH, most of the time, this fight is a wash, I just go elsewhere after we’ve both burnt so much to try and kill each other. If Gal doesn’t run out of the AoE, yep, she’s dead. If she bones out and LoS’s…it’s a wash.

I would disagree with this l floor her with anyone I can kit her with inside an aoe affect : oscar mike, thorn, el dragon, ghalt,rath, and with well placed sun spots and ambra, and if you can return a stun with miko, or shyane that fight can totally be turned around

Shayne handles her pretty well now if she gets the drop. Slow leading in, get stuned, stun back, boomerangs for days with fleet foot movement speed to stay out of the corruption aoe.

You know how to play, most don’t yet. The rub is this, Gal still murders you because she’s got two levels on you, maybe more, and you can’t survive her combo+chase even correctly dumping damage into her while propelling yourself because she basically kills you while you’re still CC’d.

exactly my point if you know how to fight her it becomes either a fair fight or you flat win it verse her like I said shes good but I think she’s where she should be as a tank I think if you start taking stiff away she falls into underused, even though shes strong she only really strong 1v1, yes with help pretty good in a 2v3 but the fact that you can walk away from most of her stuff puts her out when you get to high level play.

Shanye can live, but not if she gets the drop with multiple teammates, he’s CC’d for four seconds and taking damage from multiple sources, that’s assuming JUST gal CC’s him, if there is a CC chain…rip.

I think her E just does too much. High level play, long team fight, she pops it, and cripples the ENTIRE TEAM. They can’t use abilities, they’re slowed, they’re taking more damage, AND they can’t heal. ONE, ABILITY.

Edit: That sounds like an ult, not a regular ability on a fairly long cooldown.

Well yeah, this was assuming a 1v1. With more teammates involved Gal goes down pretty fast now regardless unless people are totally clueless and Shayne would never bother closing the gap anyways, just straight stun from a distance and boomerang death.

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that is true her first burst when she land that stun is God teir but you forget that like i said this is a team game when you get to that high tier play you can just keep eyes on her and iot pretty much counters steam roalling gal. think of it this way common people on a team… rath, ocar mike, montana, or a nother gel, if you just burn, stun ,knouck up or knock back the gel who went to hard for your teammates shes out currution and stun if she was trying to burst right, and has no escape where in she’s dead. greanted if you go in for those clucth turn arounds or fallow up with ther shes still god teir but remeber that includes a team coordinating that and alot of BattelBorns or God tier in the right set up. so i think shes fine but i do thin k other people should have wound so that she doesnt become nessisary whe nthe enevatable heal meta circles around

yes CC CHAIN NEEDS LOCKING AT i talked about it in the origanel post but thats not just with galilea thats with any cc chain that can happen

especially the dreaded multi-knock up from rath fallowed by ice wall with kelvin straight into blender while kelvin keeps you guys stuned with sublimate

I’d say she’s still S++ with some others being S+ in coordinated play with a deeper understanding of the game than those of us with open beta experience can muster. S tiers being above the point of balance. Time will tell thou.