Galilea is waaay overpowered!

I’ve never played as her, but every time I challenge her, even with a tank like ISIC, she’ll take me out in 5 seconds, tops.


Yeah, the general consensus on the forums is that she is OP. Compared to other tanks, she just shreds her opponents. I’m hoping she’ll see some nerfs once the game comes out proper. We’ll see what happens.


Alright, thanks.

Yes I feel that the community is in agreement that she has too high of a DPS for how tanky she is. She doesn’t really have a counter play either which is also frustrating.


Well I have to disagree completely here. I feel like she is in a good place and rather than nerfing her into oblivion I would rather they bring the lacking characters up to par with her.

The reason I don’t think she is OP is because shes very dependent on landing her shield throw and if she fails to do this its pretty easy to avoid her.


Also, there are builds for Galilea that make her a monster dps, as she isn’t a tank style character, she is a damage dealer with dual shields. (the shield and her physical great shield)

She isn’t OP, I’ve seen other dps rip apart tanky characters very quickly. Take Rath for example, or Pheobe. People see Galilea and make the mistake that “Oh she has sword and shield, she must be a tank”…she isn’t.

Also about the avoiding the shield throw, don’t always assume that its dependent on that, as there is a skill in her Helix that boosts the damage of her sword by quiet a bit, when she doesn’t have her shield.

Galilea can win one on one against any other charcter even in the hands of an unskilled player. That’s kind of a problem, and even the devs said before the beta they knew they had to nerf her. I definitely don’t want to see her become useless, but pretty much everyone agrees she is way above every other character. The other character I think is really powerful right now is Ambra. She’s crazy powerful and can win a lot of fights she really shouldn’t be able to.

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I know Pheobe got toned down some before the Open Beta, from watching some of the videos, but Galilea has never felt to ‘out of line’ to me compared to the others.

Ambra does need tweaking, I agree there (And I play Ambra alot and like her as a character).

But then I’ve not played Galilea alot, or when I do, I don’t do to well with her, maybe that is why I feel she isn’t that overly powerful.

Keep in mind I also believe she is too strong at the moment:

Now the thing with Galilea is that she is supposed to feel OP (wait :wink:) , from my impressions, based off her kit and of course playing as and against her often, the original idea was to make her a nigh unbeatable hero when fighting in her territory, which has taken the form of desecrate. She is like a gladiator, desecrate is her arena/coliseum, and if you try to fight her inside your supposed to lose, even multiple people (after all her passive and ultimate are AOE), she is a defensive tank that can act like a slow moving death zone (most likely reinforced by lore). Now obviously something like that is going to be very difficult to balance. Ideally she should be able 1v1, 1v2, and on occasion if significantly fed, 1v3 inside her desecrate while killing anyone who dares continue fighting for too long. While outside her desecrate she may be able to 1v1 and if fed on occasion 1v2. In high level play she would only be viable with the proper team comp (tons of cc, additionally maybe the enemy team lacks ranged poke and assasins) because she would be easy to counterplay and avoid otherwise. The current issue seems to be she can already accomplish the situation described while fighting inside her desecrate- without desecrate… While inside it she is currently able to consistently 1v2, often 1v3 and occasionally 1v4…

This is because her base strength without desecrate even existing is too strong, yet desecrate itself does not seem to help her out too much.

Right now I would think the two commonly thought fixes are:

1- reduce her mobility, problem: She becomes too immobile and therefore too easy to counterplay or evade.

2- JUST reduce her current numbers, problem: Outside desecrate =too weak (good- ish), inside desecrate= not enough of an increase to compensate for her being unable to fight outside of it.

Correct solution in my opinion: Reduce her all her numbers with the exception of desperate (duh- no offence :slight_smile:), which has it’s numbers get BIGGER! Result: the ideal scenario previously mentioned. She becomes nigh unbeatable inside descecrate but a bit below average outside of it!

but she’s not supposed to be a slow moving tank, she’s supposed to have some movement speed, which is why her health and damage are way too high. I think the big thing to fix is her health. I played her and found myself frequently overextending wayyyy too much, but I was able to get away from a lot of bad situations or even win when I definitely shouldn’t have. Phoebe would attack me with all her various cc abilities and put me in a situation where I really should’ve died, but rather that trying to get away or rely on something else, I could just start attacking her, and I would win anyways. It wasn’t any skill, it was just pure brute force that I was able to overpower pretty much anything.

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Yes she’s very powerful but I feel that she is intended to be this way. She can definitely be dealt with though. I make easy work of her with El Dragon if I might say.

I think the difference she poses is her ability to give out larger amounts of damage so quickly, and her stun seems really long (I might be wrong about the stun). Kelvin, Toby, ISIC, Montanna (maybe not as much as the others) don’t necessarily have that ability. They still take a great deal of damage, but that’s their role. Just my thoughts though.

Both Galilea and Kelvins stun are 2 seconds long. The difference is Kelvins is also a huge gap closer. So he stuns them and is immediately on top of them… most people also don’t realize you can activate the ability again to instantly pop out of his ball form.

I think this has a lot to do with the FPS or FoV problems this game has. With Kelvin you have to dash through them to stun them, then swing the camera around before you can even hit them, most of the stun time is eaten away with silly camera mechanics.

Galilea on the other hand throws here stun forward and you have full vision of the target allowing you to begin attacking at optimal timing, and also her second ability is a large aoe around her, which is easy to land obviously… kelvin does not share this.

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Well yeah she is supposed to be mobile, I feel you misinterpreted (which was probabably a good amount on my end), which is why her mobility is fine as is. The problem right now is, again, like you said: She is way too strong reguardless of being in her “territory” or not, she is supposed to beat people using brute force but not when chasing them down and overextending (basically doing whatever she wants). Therefore the fix is as mentioned earlier to reduce her across all (non-mobility related… That covers everything right?) aspects with the exception of desecration, which should recieve a buff.

If anyone, take that Phobe for example, makes the mistake of fighting you under desecration they should lose, with some exceptions of course like if you are fighting next to the enemy tank/boss/objective/dum-friendly-robot thing or against some other type of duelist character (in which case this depends entirely on the other duelist’s type of dueling style… Although I think Galilea may be the “ultimate” duelist).

Na, her kit looks more sustained to me, but not too much, just definitely not bursty.

Also just my opinion :smiley:

Yep I also think she is meant to feel very strong when fighting in her desecrate, and El Dragon does seem like a viable way to get rid of her since he is potentially very bursty. Matter of fact 3rd game I played with her I walked up to a El Dragon, got stunned by another Galilea, and was free to control myself for about one second after the stun disappated, yet it was not enough time to react! XD, in my death recap El Dragon supposedly did something like 2236 damage or so in that 3 second period, surprised the hell out of me, although he was a moderately fed.

Oh I see. I feel like a good balance for her would be to be able to chase people away from the front lines, but not be able to chase them down to their side of the map for the kill. I feel like it’s easy to try to play her as an assassin because the stun is something that would usually be on an assassin, but the rest of her kit isn’t really made for that role, so without being more powerful than every other character she can’t really do assassin quite as well as say Phoebe. Unfortunately it seems as though she has been balanced to be an effective assassin, thus making her way too powerful.

When I get free time (might be a while, it’s gonna be a busy week) I’m gonna try and take her and then rath into a private match to check out the actual numbers. I feel like overall Galilea’s stats should be a tad lower than Rath’s because she has much more powerful abilities to rely on. Near the end of the open beta I’m gonna post a thread on all my character balancing-related thoughts, so I’ll either post my findings there or on this thread. Maybe both because if it takes a lot of time, I definitely want to get as much mileage out of it as possible :joy:

PS: Entirely unrelated question about the forums: whenever there are new posts in a thread, an orange number shows up showing how many posts are in the tread, but sometimes there’s also a grey number, or just a grey number showing the number of posts. Why are some posts counted with a grey number and other posts are counted with an orange number.

in my opinion the only thing that really needs to be changed on Galilea is how long her stun lasts. It’s ridiculous that she can hit you with her shield from fairly long ranges and be in your face attacking you before you come out of the stun.

So my main is galilea and I’ve seen some good players get around me and my second main is benidict and he is her hard counter
He takes to the sky so her fields don’t hurt him and her shield only blocks what is informer of her. Hitting her with a full on barrage from all sides means she’s either going to have to fight you and suffer from your team or fight your team and suffer from you.
She sucks at a range too as long as you are out of her fields she can’t hurt you except with a shield toss cross the map
A good Oscar mike wrecks her down range and gets away before I reach him and rinse repeat
She isn’t op just nobody fight her right like said before she is the
Gladiator at home in her ring
I think of her as Wonder Woman
When she is in her field with her curse up your good as dead but if you fight her outside of her zone and wear her down she can’t fight back her self heals come from the passive so stay out and gg unless they speck into the desecrate that heals too
Otherwise that’s a waste of ult to just regen health
Basically to beat her you stay back
She pushes you and you lead her away and bait her she chases then you run so you slowly wear out that shield if she throws it then it’s gone unless she can pick it up ptherwise there is your opening to strike fast before she gets her stacks up
Hit her fast then back away again so she loses stacks so no more aoe dps then bam rinse and repeat
She’s honestly not that bad you just need to stay out of her reach