Galilea lore "no redemption" glitch

I believe that this happened when the servers were having errors. (not entirely sure) I completed the “no redemption” lore challenge (kill 100 jennerit enemies while galilea is corrupted.) Yet my taunt is not unlocked and the challenge “The Wraith of Bliss” (complete all Galilea lore challenges) has not been updated to show that his has been completed. Is there any fix to this? I’m nearing lvl 15 and am concerned if all my work is for naught. It feels like all the game needs to do is Re-check my status of how many jennerit I’ve killed. Would a Re-install of my game fix this? Would Deleting my local data fix this?


Alright so, I have officially completed all of the challenges for galilea. and now the dread of this glitch is now the most
frustrating thing ever. not only is it preventing me from a few achievements, it’s also preventing me from mastering Galilea and obtaining her legendary gear.