Galilea + Miko and general whine

Playing against this combo makes me wanna quit this game really bad, there is no fun in that, add Alani to this group and I am out of Battleborn for good. Honestly if this game wants to survive as a competeive pvp we need to see ranked matchmaking ASAP , more nerfs (Gal,Alani) and overall balance. I enjoyed most of my time with Battleborn but recently I see mysefl getting bored with predictable outcomes just by looking at the classes chosen. I have been waiting since the relaase for rank pvp, how hard cant it be? Look at rocket league, 10 quid worth game and they have a simplest yet very good working ranking system ( thats literally all I want from this game, I dont need new characters every week etc). I personally gonna wait couple of weeks/months and wait for more multplayer changes to be introduced before playing battleborn again.
I have asked many times but I still couldnt find the answer, when can we expected a new matchmaking system?

I would atleast wait and see what details the battleplan has in store for us tomorrow, there may be some information in that.

On another note, why do you think ranked would make it better? Team comp would be an even bigger focus in a ranked playlist.

I should have been clearer: these are two biggest issues which I see in this game. You are probably right but what I meant is that gearbox should focus on creating one solid pvp mode instead of adding more stuff into it. Having played 150 hours I found current system little old and boring already, there is no reward or motivation to play against random chosen opponents, this is not competitive. Also I believe that playing with skilled players encourage better team-work which would certainly lower these class-composition problems. So far there is no way of communicating with most of the players (No chat, nobody uses mics). Ranked itself arent the solution but it would be a huge step forward for battleborn.

i think ranked by itself wouldnt change much. but ranked with a draft/ban would change EVERYTHING. i know if i could immediately ban miko/alani/galilea or even just miko and alani it would dramatically improve my experience. i personally do not play under the strat or necessity of a constant hard support. if you look at the three other hybrid support types: kleese, reyna, ambra, there are no game breaking mechanics taking place. i love the support of kleese and think it is very strong. but he is a huge target, pretty slow, pretty squish. i love the support of reyna, but she doesnt just 100-0 you in the blink of an eye, doesnt have overpowered cc, is annoying at times, but she goes down fairly easily. same with ambra. she offers some support, but she is wrecked by assassin characters in 1v1 almost without exception in an equally skilled encounter.

Agreed, I finally started playing pvp (thorns 20 volley kills airborne got me started) after spending about 130 hours in just pve. There is just something frustrating about having a good well balanced back and forth encounter where you just almost have your enemy killed and then slam they’ve got like 3/4 health and they can just dig in and make you back off and retreat.

Especially when you’ve outmaneuvered or outplayed an opponent just to have Alani come swoop in and save the day, and turn it into a 2v1 situation

I’ve been maining Thorn and to have my entire Wombo Combo (volley to curse, blight, ult w/ earth render) negated with 1 press of a button is pretty disheartening lol

IMO, they just need more characters with Wound (heal blocking) options.

Not too many, 2 or 3 at most. And they’d have to be helix choices, so it’s not automatic. And it would have to be something on a long-ish CD, so it couldn’t be spammed …

But I think that would seriously reduce the support + tank complaints. It would still be a very strong strategy, but there would be better counter-play.

(BTW, my vote is Whiskey’s shotgun … ditch the worthless +shield damage mutation and put a 5 second wound in there.)