Galilea nerf is really overly neft

They over nerf here sword it so weak even with damage boost it takes for ever to kill minions it’s so weak it like I’m hitting you with a nerf sword from toy r us

Not really yeah I can tell she cant put out as much damage but if your a good galilea player you should still do fine with her.

Yeah but what they really need to nerf a tiny bit is orendi shadow piller just a bit iv seen it cap at 10k dps

You do know orendi is the squishiest character in the game. Shes easily killed so her having the dmg to at least be able to defend herself is a good thing. Galilea is still really good even with the nerfs. Her swing speed is still faster than (if not all melee users) projectiles at full hp still decimate the enemy at the 4th swing, and she’s still has her stun on shield throw and silence to boot. She can still has the skill to be immune to damage when she goes underground. And she can heal herself. And orendi just has damage. Shes labeled as a skirmishes for a reason. Even with the damage nerf galilea still outperforms most battleborn. And she’s not done getting nerfed yet just letting you know.

Orendi is very weak but get a 10k cap pretty much intact killing you kinda seems over rated n they really don’t need to nerf galila anymore n even with attack speed she putting out 20 to 70 dps n getting a ranged buff at full heath that don’t last long at all fact that you have to be full heath n Rath tbh tops gailiea with attack speed if u put pure attack speed on him… n let’s be real gailiea you might as well be givring a butter knife

Her nerf really isn’t bad so far. I know they will be cutting into her more, but all the nerf does right now is force you to utilize her kit a little more and be a little more careful with her. Desecrate gets used more, but that’s really been it in my experience with her post nerf.

True I’ll will admit she was very very grossly op in the beta… they fixed her n the reason on being a brawler is putting a lot of damage at close range. but I’m just saying her sword needs a tiny bit if a rebalence not much just a bit the before her sheild was the main dps on her

I totally see where you are coming from. I just started using desecrate more regularly to make up for it, and I really dont notice much of a difference with that approach. You have to be a little more careful with her now, but that adds to the fun for me, at least. I’m not a huge fan of having an easy button, because I will use it.

I’m sure there will be more waves of adjustments too. Part of the hotfix process with something like this. Gearbox will analyze the raw data week to week and make the adjustments accordingly. In some way, it adds a bit more to the game knowing that it can be two completely different experiences playing the same character, especially since her helix is likely changing a bit with the patch per the dev notes.

Either way, rambling aside, only time will tell how this shapes up. I’m keeping an open mind to the possibilities, and maybe figuring out new approaches with so far, my favorite PvE battleborn.

The real problem is her silence. The proposed changes where it only affects enemies in the area when it is activated is a perfect way to fix this. The current easy mode bubble she creates is the core problem and will be fixed after the patch. Then we will see how many Gal players are actually good at this game. My bet is that it is a small % of the total and most have been relying on this silence crutch.

I feel galilea should go one of two ways 1. If she’s going to continue to swing as fast as she does and have a good hitbox then her dmg should be lowered, makes sense. 2. If she swings slower than other melee than her dmg should be increased

The only time I really use the silence is when rath or isic is on the opposite team comes with their ultimate isic is tanky asf being a tank his ultimate melts you n Rath we all know how he is tho… but yeah here silence can be very annoying

While I can clearly tell the difference in her damage I think it’s working fine actually. I don’t feel as OP anymore, but I can still kick tons of butt. I’ve also got gear and helix down to where I increase my attack speed by around 55% so there’s that…

Her silence is a complete game changer and the main reason she is broken right now. I would think it would be the obvious pick every single time. Its ridiculous against characters like Boldur and El Dragon who have to be at short range to fight.

I believe I read that silence was going to be changed so that it only hit people in the area upon activation. Am I remembering this correctly?

I don’t even feel the nerf :slight_smile:

Granted these are teams w/ healers. I have several instances w/ out. If you’ve been playing MMO’s for awhile, you’ll know how to work around nerfs.

I believe the silence only affects people in the desecrate field already. But reality is a melee character with this much utility shouldn’t have a silence. In my opinion personally after having 260+ games as Galilea I think they should completely remove her level 4 mutation silence, and add a new late game mutation. She lacks good late game mutations, other characters such as Orendi don’t. Obviously not a good comparison but I mean Galilea has 1 mutation after level 5, and most of her early game mutations are pretty solid compared to her level 8 mutation.

I think gearbox should completely remove the level 4 mutation, add a level 9 mutation that involves something related to “Enemies hit by shield throw are slowed -15% possibly -30% movement speed” sounds op but would you rather be slowed or silence? That could cause a complete 360 in her typical build as well. Making possible use in PvP for her level 2 Augment Skilled Throw. At least removing her silence, and adding a shield throw slow you could cast abilities and not be silenced so you can actually do real stuff to her. Obviously my idea could have some big flaws but as a Galilea addict I would say that is a reasonable change. Maybe not a CC effect but her two augments at level 9 are dmg, and movement speed there isnt much to work with. I would say the -15% movement speed is more reasonable but some characters are pretty fast so. Thats just my opinion as well since I think the silence is quite ridiculous.

Fact is Galilea should NOT HAVE A SILENCE REMOVE IT.

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If you compare her to El Dragon who has a Stun (With his Ult) and Attikus who has a Stun (Which takes aim/practice) compared to Galilea which has a Stun (Easily aimed) a Silence, Immunity to damage and heal and a massive damage boost (Attikus is only 60% if you get melee hits over two seconds easy but still) She has everything…

I like what you say tbh I rather being slowed then silence cuz if she slows you can just stun her n get sum distance at least n have a fighting chance

Not really her ult don’t really heals her much plus u can cancel here ult with a knock up or pull

dude the silence is like for 3 seconds its not really op at all from my experience