Galilea Nerf Maybe not so bad?

Ok, so they said they were going to promote her healing/regenerative abilities does that mean she’ll be able to heal at a greater rate or not? I’m unsure but if this means she’ll be able to sustain more damage while doing less damage I think that may be a way to mediate her extremely quick kill ratio: as it would be a trade off or sorts. I’m also hoping that her Helix isn’t reworked at all, at least in the order she receives her powers seems fair to me.

Then again, I’ve never had an issue with going against her. I consider myself an above average player, so I’m not an expert by any means of the word. I really just love her versatility as a tanking territorial machine.

I won’t lie, I stopped reading right there.

You made a valiant effort, you almost read the entire post.

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Fine by me.

Yeah, give credit where it’s due :wink:

I think this is the general plan for her…

Reduce her base damage until it is mediocre.
Remove her Sprinting Melee abilities.
Reduce the damage of all of her CC based abilities.
Not increase, but maintain her healing and territory abilities.

I can’t even disagree with anything you’ve said. From the onset, it makes her completely unappealing to play. I’m still going to try to give her a go once she’s been defanged, neutered, and basically made into a shadow of her former self. It’s frustrating, but hopefully she can still be top tier once all the other chars go through the nerf process.

I’ve noticed the rage is mostly directed at female characters. (Ambra for example, but don’t read too much into that observation, as it’s to early in the nerfing process to overthink my statement.), I really do hope the retooling doesn’t take the bite out of what made her a badass.