Galilea nerf please

It’s really getting on my nerves now. Nerf. Galilea. Please. Who thought to make a character that has so much health, so much damage, default CC effects and able to block out nearly all incoming damage is the worst person. I feel to fix her, make her shield break, when it absorbs maybe 300 damage, it should break. You already have the shield loss mechanic in there, so it shouldn’t be hard. I also think she needs a damage nerf as well. I once got stunned by her shield and my health went from 100-0 real quick. It isn’t fair that in a game with so much health, you can get offed that quick.

There will be butthurt Galilea players that just want to keep their KD high by using clearly overpowered characters, just listen ip for once.

There is already a thread on this

Also please go read the forum rules, talk about the game not others. We don’t tolerate insulting others here.