Galilea Nerfed to much

I constantly Play as Galilea i did in the beta to but with all of the nerfs on her make her very hard to play as i find her good before the patch because now not being able to attack while sprinting has made it so i cant even kill anyone in a match anymore and the healing helix with desecrate dosent even work anymore because when you activate desecrate it only happens for the fist 5 some seconds but it dosent even heal her or teammates from my experience she dosent need this nerf i cant even play as her anymore witch is sad because she was a good character now well shes just terrible so please gearbox just put her back to her old self before the patch and just buff up some of the other characters witch arnt too good

That’s why many people warned others about playing broken Galilea. Your bad habits, the things you took for granted, are gone now. You almost have to rethink galilea as a hero to find a new way to enjoy playing her.

Shes a defender, correct? Why would a defender be able to sprint and attack?

Use your shield as way to engage, rather than a cop out when you’ve overextended or simply a stun , and I believe you’ll find enjoyment.


she should be able to attack while sprinting so she can push people back because shes a defender and i do use my shield and it requires lots of teamwork for her to even be usable now

She and attikus are a magnet in mind, a ying yang perhaps? They both require playing off their teammates and help from their teammates to be successful, which I like. Ones an attacker and the other a defender, but they both can brawl.

More of this please. What did you think they meant when they said this stuff was never intended?

I’m certain there are still those out there who wreck face with her, can’t wait to see some of those folks respond.

if im playing with friends i can do good but she should also be able to do good solo becase not everybody has people to play with

Solo, as in 1v5?!

No,no character should be able to do that otherwise this isn’t a hero shooter. What you are describing is called Galileaborn. 1 Galilea per team with some other commanders less fortunate at picking Galilea.

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no thats not it at all shes broken because when you use desecrate and have the healing helix it dosent even heal at all ive tested it and it i know shes a good character but there are some other good ones to like oscer mike and characters should be able to do good when you dont have friends to help you out if you need it im not saying a 1 v 5 dummy

People take the healing desecrate? Ok. Definitely report that it isn’t working if you haven’t already. And also I’m confused by what you meant by solo then. If you aren’t talking solo = 1v5 then what are you talking about.

Also, calling me a dummy made me lol.

like searching matches without friends because most people are in party chat and you cant talk to them if you need help know what im saying

So you can’t play Galilea well if you are in a team with random people now? Because you can’t faceroll every thing? Cuz it sounds like your asking to faceroll…


She was constantly OP and you’re just use to playing with an over powered character. Try using all the other melee characters and see if you can do better with them.

no im not asking for a face roll i just want her to be good not as good as she used to be and i did try other melee characters and i don find the as fun with thair ability’s and if anything at least fix the healing glitch with her desecrate if at the very least thats all i want because well it dosent heal at all witch is sad

Galilea was broken AF she needed nerfs and she got them and she is still an extremely strong character! your only argument is “I LIKED THIS CHARACTER WHO BROKE THE GAME NOW I DONT BREAK THE GAME FIX IT SO I CAN” As it stands she is still is very strong, she is just more balanced her sprint attack was dumb no other character can sprint and attack at full running speed they are slowed down to a walking speed as they attack. Overall complaining about this nerf makes you the 1% everyone will pretty much agree she needed it.


yeah but the fix also broke here desecrate healing helix all i want is just that back at the very least i said

First thing i did today after the patch was play Gal on incursion. I went 10/2 not even trying. IMO She needs to get her ranged attack taken away and possibly a +150 HP gain and she would be fine. She is a brawler, Not a Ranged. She should not be able to shoot lazors at a thorn/marquis trying to snipe then immediately be able to shield their shots.


but you do know other melee characters have ranged attacks to

Name one character that is primarily melee and can hit as far as her. If you are talking about their alt attack that isn’t ranged its about 2 foot. We are not talking about skills. This is her main attack to just sit behind a bunch of minions and shoot lazors at people. That is real OP.

shayne and aurox have one its a secondary but it still has range its a slowed projectile if they had to nerf the ranged attack then they should just slow the projectiles

Yes lets compare Shaynes 1 boomarang every 2-3 seconds and these are attackers, not defenders first of all. Secondly lets talk about her ranged attack. The one that shoots 7 lazors and if you are within melee range while attacking with it you are hitting the enemy 14 times due to both the sword and beams hitting them. Lets not call that the least bit overpowered. Lets compare it to a characters Alt Melee.