Galilea Nerfed to much



if you have gear that boost attack speed shynes boomerang can go even faster but the same can be said for galila i know but still

i can kill people its just alot harder now

That’s not what you’ve been saying though…

Oh, and she’s a defensive character… Not an attacker… She shouldn’t be getting a lot of kills anyway. That’s not her job.

i know thats not her job but if there on her territory (witch is how i play her) and they keep assaulting you and you cant push em of then what are you suppose to do like really

Dude Galilea is still one of if not the strongest character in the game because of her high utility and still super high damage asking for any buff would just break the game again and she is borderline still doing that.

Nope. She is not nerfed too much. You are just now on a level playing field, but your crutch is gone, so its hard to stand. Keep practicing and you’ll manage.

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