Galilea nerfed too hard?

Feels like she’s too limp now… am I just missing a good strategy here?

She is still regarded as at the very least top 3 in the Battleborn hierarchy. Her pull/silence on Desecrate is extremely powerful an shield throw is still a very good stun. Using health regen and the Last Light helix at level 5 also gives her great self-sustain. She gets a shield to block incoming damage and while her ultimate isn’t racking up the kills it’s still a great escape option.


For a second I thought you had insider info on the patch that is yet to land.

Now that I know that that is not the case.



Absolutely not. If anything, she needs MORE nerfs.

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and its not the only one need some nerfs

She got nerfed, now she needs support from her team or she can get punished hard!

What’s the strategy for using her? Do u begin with desecrate? Should I start blocking as soon as my shield is gone?

Well you need team coordination and a team who can exploit your pulls and stuns. If not you will find yourself alone in the lane probably dying.

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Boom. That’s why I suck. I mostly play solo.

If you want to use her even solo you must learn how to punish the enemy by urself.

Orendi dives to then use nullify? Pull her even dipper and stun her. Try to ping before a stun, stun ppl somewhere close to your team or minions.

Get thralls and fat bots before you go in lane to get a distraction.

Good luck!

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Id first pick her with a team if her primary did nothing. I wouldn’t dare pick her solo though.

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Solo play as Galilea carry generally requires you to gear heavily for health regen, pick up Last Light, and be confident at shielding and positioning. In Meltdown and Incursion, wave clear hard; Gali is brilliant at WC, with or without support, and you will always be at the front of the level curve. She’s also a solo dreadnought without peer in Face Off and Capture, being a 1v1 goddess, and you can TDM and harvest multi-kills all day.

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This is what I usually run. At lv 7 if you face more melee than go duelist.

Gear: health regen + dmg reduction (purple put), atk speed + health (Eldrid purple), dmg reduction + dmg reduction after using a skill (rouge blue).

If you don’t have these just use gear close the it

If you are just playing solo then a easy stun---->>body block—>>> then pull when they finally get around you —>>> finish them. Should do the trick. You can also circle melee around bots… makes them dizzy

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Oh gally. I love her. I run a common no neg health Regen(so that I can get it up as early as possible), a blue CDR with additional CDR after melee and negative recoil reduction(because her cooldowns are on the long side and it makes missing a throw slightly less detrimental and having that getaway more often is a good thing), and a blue movement speed with additional movement speed after melee and negative recoil reduction(because I miss the days when she could attack while sprinting). Personally I don’t use the silence 9/10. People expect the silence they don’t expect to take damage from it. The AOE is big and it does more damage than what it says because they are always going to have amped damage applied. Not to mention that having full corruption and attacking with primary and idtga and desecrate damage with damage amp is a lot of dps if you are stunned in the middle of it. Adding damage to a skill that doesn’t do damage by default is almost always good in my book. Call me crazy if you want to but I would rather just kill them than silence them. I have out damaged orendis with this build.

So u start with shield throw? What do u mean by body block?

Get behind them and block their escape. This is something that one should do with any melee character with enough durability to tank somewhat (Gali, Buldur, Attikus, Shayne & Aurox, etc.), and works best in Incursion, due to the only escape typically being the friendly side of the one lane; body-blocking also makes it easy for your teammates to secure the kill before the enemy can escape.

As i personally only play Shayne & Aurox as a melee character, the only example i can give is to run around behind them as Aurox pulls them, then body-block their retreat. If they get around me, i use stealth strike to slow and subsequently finish them.