Galilea Nerfs - Battleplan 1: What's your impression?

So Gal got hit with the nerf bat (…sword?) in the most recent pass. For those that missed it:


We took a good look at Galilea’s damage and found that she still has
the ability to kill players in a short amount of time. We want to
promote the health regeneration and zone control loops so we reduced
damage some more. The Shield Throw skill was set to a high damage
multiplier which we usually award to skills that deal damage only. Since
the Shield Throw has a stun, we reduced the damage to match other
skills that contain crowd control on top of damage.

Reduced Galilea’s Great Sword damage by 18%
Reduced Shield Throw damage by 33%

How do you all feel about her now?

Terrible… but hopefully it balances out enough to where people stop whining about it so much. Hopefully she can still be one of my top tier favorite characters to play, but since I heard about all the nerfing… I stopped playing her altogether until they’re finished working her over. I don’t want to get used to her being one way, then suddenly having her play completely differently.

So, I’ve weened myself off of her for more than a couple of days now. But from the interview they said this was one of many changes to her design. Which… sucks to be honest. I don’t know when they’ll be done bringing her down to earth. I just hope she’s still a versatile tank afterwards, that can deal some decent damage. But it seems the damage reduction is going to force players to turtle more with her and not pursue enemies as much.


Well now shes only the 2nd or 3rd highest DPS character in the game :smiley:


They ignored the sword projectile helix again which is the only reason she has stupid DPS in my opinion. Shield toss nerf was smart though, no one complained about it but they should have been. I’ve seen it do 800+ damage to a single target with the bounce helix which is just incredible for a stun skill. I’m hoping they are still looking at her helix options and will gut a significant amount of her capability, and return her non projectile DPS to something reasonable in a later patch. I honestly don’t have much issue with her right now but the list of things she can do outshines every other battleborn for no real reason whatsoever.


I’m worried it was too soft, ISIC got hit harder and now galilea defenders are just going to defend her on the “already got nerfed” stance. We’ll have to wait until they fix Desecrate and sprinting melee to see. I hope her energy burst dmg are based on her melee too, so those took a hit.

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Her ranged helix already got nerfed after launch…

They said things like traits require coding and thus come out in patches not hotfixes. Patches are subject to Microsoft and sony’s process(?)

That said, run and attack, silence as a field and her insane dps needs more of a look.

But that nerf did hit her dps lol I noticed it not being able to 1v1 as many people as her without losing the a lot more fights.

Oh, I know they hit her dps. What is that, the third time now? In my opinion they can do it again.

2nd time and I disagree where its at now should be fine and after they remove the sprinting and attacking they should honestly stop after that it’ll just ruin her kit.

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I stand corrected. And cool opinion, my opinion is that it is still too high.

yeah 18% of galileas DPS is still one of the highest in the game. I should check the DPS on all of the bruisers to get a comparison.

And 33% of shield throw damage what more do you people want like god dam she got another nerf and is going to get re worked and bet people will still complain she’s op when someone is still wrecking with her.

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Oh here’s why I thought it was her third nerf - the beta had one for her too -

Her dps before level 3 is in line with my expectations for the character. According to the bbb idtga adds a 77% dmg increase (Boldur gets around a 60% increase in damage … At level 10…with his ultimate on…)

At 135 dps - the 18 percent she’s down to 110 but at level three she’s right back up to 195. Contending with snipers and assassins.

If they make it one ranged projectile instead of 5 (?) sure ok no more dmg issues.

They did nerf it’s damage, but the big issue is that it turns into a shotgun blast point blank. They need to rework it so that it’s a source of ranged damage but not added onto melee damage. I mean, I guess it could work as is but you either have to balance her DPS around it or lower it’s damage so much that it doesn’t do much of anything.

Its only at full health though get her health down problem solved its not that hard to take her ranged away

It’s not hard to stay at full health either, just have a healer. Taking too much fire to regain full health? Put your shield up for a couple seconds!

Its not a damage dealing skill its a STUN, a powerful stun, i had no idea it could do 800 dmg with bounce, thats way more than my boldurs axe throw. DO YOU KNOW WHAT AXE THROW DOES? It did the same damage as shield throw, but no stun. THATS IT.

That’s if the bounce works half the time it doesn’t work its a rather buggy helix. You cant complain about a stun a lot of people have a stun.

lol, people asking for glilea nerfs, have you seen ghalt’s damage output?
killed isic in less than a minute. and i lost track of sights.

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