Galilea OP-how to fix

I have recently played Galilea, and realized that she is incredibly OP. The combo that I have figured out quite easily is picking left on the helix in the beginning so the shield stuns and you get it back if you don’t have the worst aim ever. Then in combat I throw the shield at an enemy, then beat him with my sword until they die. This combo has to be broken because out of 2 meltdown matches, I literally have never lost a 1 V 1 (Not even against Montana at full health!). The way that this could be fixed is moving this helix choice to level 7 so Galilea is not completely overpowered. I really hope you consider this because it is near game breaking! Let me know in the comments if you agree
P.S. Other melee characters are also OP. Maybe reduce all melee characters health to balance. Thanks :smiley:

You might review the changes made earlier today.

Didn’t even know they made changes, but she did feel a little more balanced.

Is it me or does galilea have a secret silence? Whenever she stuns me and uses her aoe, I can never do any abilities after

Just wait til you get the mutation to drag them back on the first helix lol.

It is one of her mutations

That’s too much power for one character lol

she has been fixed to be more balance, but she is definitely one of the better characters.